2016 Lenovo Premium Built High Performance HD Laptop Review

2016 Lenovo Premium Built High Performance HD Laptop Review


  • High performance: The performance of the Lenovo Z50-75 significantly surpasses that of most laptops with the same price tag. Its less popular Quad core AMD FX-7500 processor provides the same performance as Intel processors in the core i3 and core i5 classes. Machines with these processors are costlier than the Lenovo Z50-75.
  • Portability: The reason why most people buy a laptop instead of a desktop is that of the need for a machine to use on the go. Portability and weight, therefore, becomes vital considerations. Such is regardless of the laptop being in the high or low-end categories. Lenovo Z50-75 sets the pace in this class with a lightweight structure weighing only 5.6pounds.
  • Fairly priced laptop: A quick comparison of the pricing of the Z50-75 and other alternatives that offer the same performance sets it apart as a fairly priced machine. You get more than you pay for when it comes to performance and keyboard ergonomics with this Lenovo outfit.


  • A raw deal for gamers: While it can support classic and browser-based games, the performance of this Lenovo model is below par for a true gaming experience. If a gaming laptop is what you are looking for, save some more money and settle for Lenovo Ideapad 510.
  • Timeworn technology: Despite the sleek design, this laptop is riddled with antiquated technology. The first issue is the 2 type 2.0 USB ports with only type 3.0 port. The lack of a port for Type C USB leaves one wondering if the designer ever had the future in mind. Even more, its only storage is a 5400rpm HDD. With the development of cloud-based storage, this amount of memory is more than necessary. A 7200rpm 512GB HDD would have been a better deal.


The Lenovo Z50-75 was seemingly built for students, business persons, and home applications.

Therefore, comparing it with other machines made primarily for gaming breaks the fairness code of machine reviewing. That said, this model of Lenovo offers optimum performance in handling normal personal computer workloads.

Its features are among the best you can find in laptops within its price range. The low-quality display and lack of Type C USB ports are the cost of settling for a high-performance premium built machine which is budget-friendly.

Lenovo has braced the stiff competition in the electronics industry with remarkable success. With a unique choice of computer parts especially processors and graphics cards, it has produced high-performance machines such as the ThinkPad T series. This review looks at the fair priced high-performance Lenovo Z50-75 15.6-inch laptop.


As with all Lenovo laptops, the Z50-75, makes a point of distinction at the early stages of your first encounter through its sleek design. You expect the usual color of most Lenovo PC, black. Its smooth plastic casing awakens an urge to feel the machine’s cover. Opening the lid exposes the unique styling of Lenovo keyboards. The keys are soft with sufficient travel and a complete numeric pad and function keys.

Processor Features

Lenovo breaks from the norm of Intel-based processor cores to include an AMD processor in its Z50-75 laptop. The machine comes with a Quad-core AMD FX-7500 processor.

The Kaveri architecture-based processor is recognized in the tech world for its ultra-low voltage efficiency. It makes the Z50-75 laptop a thrifty power consumer.

The AMD FX-7500 is clocked at 2.1 GHz but comes with a boost technology that increases it to 3.3GHz. When compared with other processors, it is at par with the Intel Core i5-2320 and slightly higher than core i3-4100U.

This processor makes the Lenovo Z50-75 sufficient for daily workloads such as browsing, office applications, multimedia, and light multitasking requirements.


The Lenovo Z50-75 features a 15.6-inch high definition LED display. The quality of the screen used in the laptop is laughable, but its 1366×768 resolution provides a premium color and image rendering suitable for a laptop in this moderate price category


The Z50-75 comes with an integrated Radeon R7 graphics with shared memory. The graphics are clocked at 553MHZ and based on AMD’s GCN 1.1 architecture. Consequently, it supports both “Tier 2” and DirectX, to the benefit of most gamers.

When compared with dedicated graphics card options on 3D performance, the Radeon R7 is nearly as fast as the GeForce GT 720M. As a result, it can efficiently handle old and low graphics-intensive games. You can also enjoy most of the latest games though at medium or low-quality settings.


The standard memory size for most laptops in this category is a 4GB RAM. The Lenovo Z50-75 surpasses this with an amazing 8G RAM. It is based on the dual channel DDR3L memory controller with a clock speed of 1600MHz. This is one of the high-performance memories you can expect from personal computers designed for typical day to day computer applications.


One feature to consider when buying a computer for office, home or school use is the storage capacity. Lenovo Z50-75 honors the customer’s desire with an amazing 1TB hard disk drive. This storage is more than adequate for large office documents, class notes, movies, games and any other downloads.

However, the featured HDD has a speed of 54000rpm. Hence it offers a slower access speed than 7200rpm HDDs. The SSD technology is way too high-end even to be thought of in this category today.


The Lenovo Z50-75 laptop has the standard connectivity features of premium built high-performance laptops. They include an 802.11b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth 4.0.

It has 3 USB ports, one for super speed USB type 3.0 and two for USB 2.0. Other peripheral slots are for HDMI, 10Mbps to 1000Mbps LAN, a VGA, and headphone-microphone jack. The 2-in-1 SD/MMC card reader also comes in handy for files stored on memory cards.


As a Lenovo machine, it comes with the high-quality Dolby Audio sound system. It offers a rich, powerful and precise sound rendition even for a low-quality multimedia. You can enjoy music across the room at medium volume with clarity, a feature that lacks in most moderately priced laptops.

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