ASUS MG28UQ 28-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review

ASUS MG28UQ 4K/UHD 28-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review


  • FreeSync technology: In spite the fact that adaptive sync features are not so popular in monitors; ASUS does not mention it in the product’s specifications. It seems it has become a standard feature in all ASUS monitors. However, it remains a deal breaker for those who are interested in butter-smooth gaming.
  • 4K resolution: It is the best resolution that is currently available in the mass production market. It provides the best image quality, over 5 million pixels on the screen. The MG28UQ, therefore, qualifies for use with high-end graphics.
  • Warranty: Most monitors come with a 12 months warranty, not the ASUS MG28UQ. ASUS Rapid Replacement warranty runs for three years with free cross shipping. Such a guarantee not only proves the manufacturer is confident in its product but also let one play stress-free.


  • TN panel: Anyone with some experience in gaming machine knows better than to expose their eyes to the side effects of a TN screen. The limited viewing angles are a raw deal for such a premium-priced monitor. Unfortunately, for ASUS, cheaper 4K monitors that use IPS screen panels are available.
  • Limited Graphics unit: The FreeSync technology is built for AMD graphics. Therefore, players must ensure they are using AMD graphics before going for this monitor. Those who have NVidia should find alternatives gaming monitors with NVidia’s G-sync.
  • Pricey: While retailers will offer different prices for this monitor, it remains considerably pricey considering its features. As already mentioned, there are several 4K monitors with IPS-based screens that cost less than the MG28UQ. Besides, a few hundred dollars on this monitor’s price will buy a 43-inch 4K, IPS-based Phillips monitor.


Anyone looking for a monitor that looks classy but without unnecessary flair can count on the ASUS MG28UQ.The ASUS MG280UQ is a gaming monitor designed with the needs of a gamer in mind. It offers smooth gaming, thanks to its 4K resolution, adaptive sync technology and the 1ms response time.

ASUS, however, spoilt this masterpiece by giving it a TN panel instead of an IPS. Even though it is inconsiderate to expect all the excellent features in one machine, it is almost unacceptable to have a TN panel on a 4K monitor

It seems, however, that ASUS noted the mishap and decided to mitigate the effects by adding their anti-eye fatigue technology. Certainly, that helped but unfortunately, the manufacturer overpriced this promising gaming monitor. Most gamers would condone the flaws of the MG28UQ if only it cost 150 dollars less.

Gaming monitors are becoming popular replacements for huge desktops. Players are opting for powerful processors then buying a monitor to meet their processor’s demands. That way, it is possible to have the best display and the best processing unit.

Several high-quality monitors are on the market today one of them is the ASUS MG28UQ. This review puts into perspective the achievements and the failures of this accessory.

So where do we start?


The design is the first checkpoint for high-quality monitors. However, it is not true that you will always get what you see. Nevertheless, we consider it first but briefly. The ASUS MG28UQ is a 28-inch monitor. It bears the elegant and sleek design that is common to this electronic manufacture. In addition, it has a matte-black covering and no flashy additional. Not to mention: it is simple but classy.


We define ergonomics simply as the ability to adjust the monitor to an appropriate position for proper gaming posture. While gaming at the wrong or straining posture might not be an immediate concern, the body will finally take the beating.

The ASUS MD28UQ meets the basic ergonomic requirements. They include a height and tilt adjustments capabilities. It comes with a Pivot height adjustment component and a tilt swivel. It is also appropriate for those who like having their fun from the wall. However, it cannot be described at VESA compatible.

Peripherals and Joystick

The ASUS MG28UQ comes with a 5-way Joystick with intuitive controls. One of the features that the Joystick makes easy to access is the ASUS GamePlus. The monitor comes with two HDMI inputs, a Display Port, and two USB 3.0 ports. There is no USB type C for those who love futuristic features. It also does not have inbuilt speakers.


Gaming monitors are bought for their display capabilities. The MG28UQ comes with a 28-inch TN panel screen. Again, it is a 4K screen, which means it has a five times higher resolution than the 1080p monitors. That is one reason for buying this monitor as the higher the resolution, the better the image quality.

There is only one limitation with the display, the panel. There are three types of screen panels, Vertical Alignment, VA, Twisted Nematic, TN and In-Plane Switching, IPS. The first two are the more affordable and hence most popular. However, they suffer from viewing angle limitations.

The ASUS MG28UQ gaming monitor uses the TN panel. Consequently, it bears the disadvantage that comes with the choice. That is, as the angle increases, the image quality decreases because of fading colors. It also increases eye fatigue. The best option for such a high-quality display monitor would have been the IPS panel as they provide up to 178 degrees of viewing angle.

Gaming performance

Despite the screen panel flaw, the ASUS MG28UQ gaming monitor delivers an immersive gaming experience. Its, its resolution of 3840 x 2160 provides incredibly clear texts and sharp, high-quality images.

The monitor comes with an AMD FreeSync adaptive syncing technology. It matches the refresh rates of the monitor with that of the graphics unit. Hence, the image tearing and stuttering is eliminated.

The smooth gaming is enhanced by the monitor’s fast response time of 1ms. The response rate is important, especially when playing online games.

Gaming on high-quality monitors is usually so immersive that one wishes they could spend more hours on continuous gaming. Such is not always possible as prolonged staring leads to eye fatigue. It becomes worse for when using a TN display. ASUS mitigates this problem by incorporating its ASUS Eye care technology in the MG28UQ. The technology has a Blue Light Filter and is flicker free to minimize eye fatigue.

ASUS goes a step further to give the players an unfair advantage over their computerized enemies. The monitor comes with some useful enhancements such as the crosshair, timer, and FPS counter. The crosshair feature offers four crosshairs which players can use to fit their game requirement. The timer comes in handy in games where a little external timing goes a long way in securing victory.

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