ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q G-SYNC Eye Care Monitor Review

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q G-SYNC Eye Care Monitor Review


  • Screen quality. The screen quality of this gaming monitor is absolutely great, thanks to all the effort put into the quality of tech by ASUS.
  • Great on the eyes. The ASUS Eye Care Gaming Monitor runs well and looks delicious to boot. The gaming monitor uses a flicker-free technology that reduces blue lights, which is a must for anyone who uses a computer for an extended period of time like I do for both work and gaming. This way, you will never have to worry too much about looking at those beautiful visuals without hurting your eyes.
  • IPS panel. The IPS panel and versatile swivel function allows you to see the monitor from a wide variety of angles.


  • Light bleed. The ASUS Eye Care Gaming Monitor is a great monitor, but that does not mean that it is perfect. One of the most notable issues that users of this gaming monitor will face is light bleed. Light bleed refers to the above-mentioned ISP technology, which allows for a greater variety of viewing angles. Unfortunately, the gaming monitor as a result suffers from a slight glowing light on the outer rim of the screen. With all that said, it is still a solid gaming monitor, just a little rough around the edges. No pun intended.
  • High price. The gaming monitor has a VERY high price, more than some gaming computers depending on the brand and quality. This is not entirely unusual mind you, as the tech that went into this computer is nothing to shake a stick at. But if you are cost conscious, this could be a bit of a deal breaker.


Ultimately, the ASUS Eye Care Gaming Monitor is a damn incredible gaming monitor. As far as visual fidelity goes, it is one of the best I have tried. One of the biggest snags it has unfortunately is that it is a fairly expensive gaming monitor. It is not outrageously overpriced like a lot of monitors end up being, but it is still pricier than some comparable gaming monitors that I have seen.

If a slight imperfection in your monitor proves to be a deal breaker for you, then the screen bleed could make this a pass. For my money though, this is still one of the best gaming monitors I have ever used. I do not think you will have too many regrets, so long as you can afford to own it anyway.

So you finally have a gaming computer. Well, that is great! But now, you need to get things to go along with your new gaming computer.

You need a good gaming mouse, a good gaming keyboard, and of course, a good gaming monitor. After all, what is the point of having a good gaming computer if you do not have something good connected to it?

The kind of gaming monitor a person chooses is going to depend on several variables. For example, if you are like me, you like to have a lot of real estate on your computer’s gaming monitor. Heck, that might even be more important to me than the video quality (within reason).

Some people, like those who buy a gaming monitor like the ASUS G-SYNC Eye Care Gaming Monitor, value their eye health. But is this gaming monitor worth the price? Does it do well what it advertises? And is it even worth getting for that service?

The ASUS Eye Care Gaming Monitor is a Gem

So first off, let’s get it out there that this gaming monitor is an absolute gem as far as visual fidelity goes.

  • All 27″ of this gaming monitor display in a stunning 1440p, and the stand allows for you to see the screen at the exact right angle. You can tilt and swivel this gaming monitor, and it is especially designed to be mountable on a wall.
  • The gaming monitor uses a 165Hz refresh rate to keep your gameplay running super smooth. You do not want to have to worry about your game experience stuttering or dragging during a heated match of Dota 2.
  • You also have the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to thank for the reduced stuttering, as well as reduced screen tearing.
  • The colors really pop as well, thanks to its IPS panel. You will be able to get a greater depth of visual quality in this gaming monitor than you would for most.
  • However, the IPS panel does have a problem. While it allows you to view it from many angles, you may also be bothered by the screen bleed that comes with that feature. Screen bleed refers to when the screen emits a slight glow around the edges of the screen. Not a severe problem, but it is one that exists at the very least.

A solid companion for a multi-screen setup

The ASUS Eye Care Gaming Monitor is great for a multi-screen setup as well. I have three gaming monitors including this one.

The other two are both ultrawide gaming monitors, though I have one of them positioned tall so that I can use it for writing, editing, chatting, etc. while I game with one of the others.

I typically use this gaming monitor for videos , while the other ultrawide gaming monitor I use for gaming. This should not be taken to mean that it is not good, mind you.

It is an excellent gaming monitor, it is just that I prefer ultrawide for my experience. If you have the same preference as me, you can still get a comparable ASUS brand monitor.

But if you do not really care about getting an ultrawide gaming monitor, you can certainly save a lot of money by choosing this smaller one.

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