Avantree Audition Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review

Avantree Audition Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review

Avantree Wireless Bluetooth headphones especially for the music and game lovers. Purchasing a wireless Bluetooth headset is quite a challenge when you have many other options to choose from. But as soon as you stumble across this Avantree Pro wireless Bluetooth headset, your ongoing search for a perfect headset is finally completed as this is the one you need.

Avantree Audition Pro Features

Go through the features of this Avantree headset and you’ll thank us later on for helping you find best friend in this headset. This Avantree wireless headphone comes with a Hi-Fi music, sound and voice quality which will surely provide you a feeling of satisfaction when you use it.

Lip-sync is very accurate in this headset and thus there is no delay or lagging between the voice uttered and the sound reached to the other person.

There is an in-built bass boosting feature which can allow you to tailor your experience of audio for Television, music for your Xbox, PC, PlayStation along with a clear treble and rich lows.

While you’re watching television or operating your PC or laptop, there is no delay or lagging of audio in this Avantree headphone and it has the capability of working with any of the aptX Bluetooth transmitters which are supported by the low-latency. This will ensure you an audio delay of a minimum time of 32 to 40 ms.

Avantree Audition Pro Comfort and Build Quality

Avantree Audition Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review

This lightweight wireless headset comes with ear pads which are very soft and also can be easily adjusted according to the sizes of heads which can thereby provide you more comfort even if you wear the headset for a long time.

For answering the calls, this headset can be connected with 2 mobile phones simultaneously and for a 1 tap connection, there is a feature of NFC in this Bluetooth headphone. This feature of NFC is USP that is Unique Selling Proposition as it is THE BEST feature in this Avantree Headset.

Simultaneously, two devices can be connected to this headset and thus you can enjoy the sound with your partner or friend. For identifying the headset status, there are voice prompts which are intelligent enough to do that. As soon as the headphones are initially paired, you can even automatically reconnect your headphones very quickly and easily in no time.

In the wireless mode, you can enjoy a long-time music for up to 40 hours without having the need of charging the headphone and for switching to a wired connection, a cable of size 3.5mm can be used and you can also watch television or utilize your mobile without having to worry about the battery draining.

This change to wired headphones from wireless headphones is very easy and takes only a few seconds from your valuable time. The earpads are made of protein which makes them very soft and allows you to wear the headphones all day long along with its little weight. These ear pads ensure that the noise from the background will be completely avoided and you’ll enjoy crystal clear music. Also, this is a Bluetooth enabled headset which gives you the optimum comfort level where you don’t need to handle the wires of the headset or have to stress about the twining of the wires. The pairing of this Bluetooth headset to your mobile phones or other devices is quite easy, time saving and convenient. Due to the availability of Bluetooth connectivity, it makes the outdoor use of this headset possible and easy. You’ll not even feel any pain while using this headset, which shows that it is very ear-friendly. This headphone can be taken along with you while traveling as it is very easily foldable. 


This Avantree headset is best suited for pocket friendly use along with providing various amazing features. A long-time use can be done with this headset. This wireless Bluetooth headset is perfect when you have to prepare a tradeoff between quality and price, as this is the affordable one along with a premium sound quality. If you’re looking for a durable headset, stop looking for one as this is the ultimate durability master made from metal which is reinforced.

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  1. I have a set of avantree ear phones. They have stopped holding a charge. I pull them in to charge and the light turns red but goes out – when I try to turn them on – I hold down the volume button and the light turns blue and goes out immediately. I don’t know what to do. I have unlocked the small box and replugged it – I have tried to leave them connected over night – can you please e-mail me and tell me what to do? I really love them and use them every day.


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