Bengoo g9000 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Bengo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Today we’re here to give you a detailed review about the product BENGOO 9000 stereo headset which will prove to be a blessing for the gamers and music lovers. This BENGOO 9000 stereo gaming headset is not an ordinary headset if that’s what you think. It comes with many different features for which you’ll be grateful and you’ll thank us for introducing you to this mind-blowing headset.

Bengoo G9000 Microphone and Sound Quality

This Bengoo 9000 headset can produce a crystal-clear sound with its operating brass which is strong. After all, a headset without an excellent sound quality is quite a waste of money, right? This headset also gives you the amazing isolation power from the noise in the background and the high precision power of 40mm driver which is actually made from magnetic neodymium and it provides you a fair bass amount you require. For the increased sensitivity of this headset speaker, there is an acoustic precision of positioning. This speaker offers you a sound with great quality, vivid field and shock feeling. This headset is a perfect fit for many different games such as World of Warcraft Legion, Halo 5 guardians, Call of Duty, Metal gear solid, Overwatch, Star Wars battlefront, and many more. So, this headset is great news for game lovers. This headset supports various devices and has compatibility to iPad, PSP, Mobile phone, Tablet, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, PC and New Xbox One. Thus, this headset has multi-platform compatibility.

Bengoo G9000 Comfort and Build Quality

Bengoo g9000 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

The headset is designed in such a way that it is humanized on some levels such as it has ear pad which are comfortable enough for users and permits air with the permeability protein, the multi-points head beam which accords with the human body efficiently and can reduce the impairment of hearing and the sweat too. The material is of leather and thus it assures you a wearing period which is longer. To highlight the atmosphere of the game, you get the glaring lights of LED specially designed for the earcups. There is a microphone which is omni-directional and is integrated with the headset. This microphone thereby assures you that you will not have to louder up your voice while you’re in a noisy place as your friends will be able to listen to you perfectly. This headset microphone has the ability to transmit the top-quality communication along with the premium feature of noise cancellation. The microphone picks up great sensitivity sounds and eventually eliminates the noise thereby enabling you a crystal-clear delivery of messages even while you’re playing a game. For adjusting the microphone angle, there is a flexible and long mic which is very convenient and easy to use. The volume controls are very simple and convenient to use as they possess the strength which is highly tensile along with a USB cable which is braided with anti-winding and a key microphone that can effectively eliminate the long cable size of 49 inches from twining. This will enable you to effectively control volume as well as mute your mic. Keeping in mind the comfort level of your ears, this headset is designed in such a way that the ear cushions of the headset are thickened which also provides you isolation from noise. This consideration for the ears reduces the impairments of hearing and also the heat sweat. Thus, you can also wear this headset safely for a whole day without having to worry about your ears getting damaged. There is also an adjustable headband which fits various head sizes and material is light weighted which fits around the ears completely. This can also prevent overheating of your head. The headset comes with a durable and strong metal frame which lasts for a long time. The headset beam pad is of soft and breathable material and thus you wouldn’t even notice that you’re wearing a headset. 


This Bengoo 9000 stereo headset can be the ultimate master blaster friend of yours which is a perfect fit if your budget is tight and you need an amazing quality headset for your gaming and music requirements. All you have to do is purchase this headset and the rest will be taken care of by the headset itself.

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