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Best Thermal Pastes Reviews 2020 [ gpu, water cooling, delidding, ryzen ]

The thermal pastes can be sorted in two types. One type is the non-conductive and another is the conductive.  Non-conductive thermal compounds are the silicon, ceramic and zinc based pastes. The examples of the conductive types of pastes are metallic, copper, aluminium, silver based pastes. The conductive pastes give the best results as it contains the metallic particles. It provides high heat conductivity and also the electrical conductivity. The pastes made in the silicon and ceramic do not handle the electricity well on the other hand can be used in the areas where metallic compounds do not work. The lot of addition of the thermal compound can have negative effect of the functioning of the devices as they disrupt the cooling down action of the devices.

It gives a good heat conductive process. The quality thermal pastes offer low level of bond line low resistance and more conductivity. It is reliable and one application of thermal paste will offer good performance for longer periods of time.

The paste is applied in the areas between microprocessor and heatsink in the laptops and computer. It draws the heat away from the equipment such as integrated circuits, amplifiers, transistors and semiconductors.

Best Thermal Pastes For gpu, water cooling, delidding, ryzen

1. Arctic MX-4 – best gpu thermal paste

Arctic MX-4


The Arctic MX-4 is one of the famous heat sink compounds. It is inexpensive and also simple to apply because of its practical syringe design. It does not have any metal so it is not conductive electrically. The time you pour the paste it will be cooler as it does not require the time to set. The paste is best suitable for the regular use and it fits perfectly. However the overclockers will need something still stronger for their use.

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2. Noctua NT-H1 Pro-Grade Thermal Compound Paste – best liquid metal thermal paste


When compared to the Arctic MX-4 the Noctua NT-H1 can make your CPU cooler up to 2° cooler. The application of thermal paste is a process which is easy and simple to do even when the paste looks dry and thick. It also requires no time to set so it’s easy to apply. The paste is much cheaper and cost-friendly than Noctua NT-H1 but it has only less paste which is enough for applications of fifteen. It conducts the heat well even in the high loads on the CPU and it is not capacitive.

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3. Arctic Silver 5 – best thermal paste ps3

Arctic silver 5 AS5

This is the best substitute to the mentioned thermal pastes.  The artic silver paste 5 is a great choice because it promises better performance. It has the 99.9% micronized silver which makes it flawless. Even though it has the silver compound it is called as the ceramic TIM. The manufacturer will still request you to be cautious in avoiding spillage over the components at the PC.  The micronized silver superbly conducts heat and makes the CPU to function greatly and at a high and demanding performance. The paste on the other hand takes time to settle well which means it becomes great when it settles. It is nothing critical but just a piece of information to remember. The ceramic TIMs in the market that features the diamonds which are micronized. Many people advise you to avoid that because the product is abrasive and the change in the performance is not appreciated.

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4. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut – best thermal paste for delidding

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut known as the top non-capacitive thermal grease in the market and among the products which are the expensive of thermal pastes. It is priced twice costlier than Noctua NT-H1 but it only has the 1 G of the paste. This paste is aimed at the hard-core PC builders.  The pricey paste will deliver what it assures to the people. With the 12.5W/mk it is the thermally conductive ceramic paste which does not conduct the electricity. It does not need the settling time and it is really stress-free to apply. It offers the users with 3-4° lower temperature compared to the thermal pastes like the artic silver five and Noctua NT-H1. When the paste is applied perfectly the TIM will be suitably good for the three-four appliances up to maximum. The users are also able to get the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut latest version that is 11.1G. It will become more efficient during long term.

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5.  Thermal Grizzly Conductonautbest thermal paste for ryzen

Thermal grizzly conductonaut

This metal thermal paste requires more skill and management and also the carefulness to apply it in the appliances. They are great as they are known to be electrically capacitive. The heatsink must to be cleaned and tidied isopropyl alcohol prior to the application of paste. You have to apply a less quantity of thermal paste in the appliance and have to put it evenly as perfectly as possible. Fortunately Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is presented with the tools to ease the process of application. All you need to do is follow the directions for better application.

The users have to remember that the paste should not be used on the Aluminum heatsink.   This is because the liquid metal may cause some damage and will also leave the stains black in colour. The coolness, heatsink, the computer rig and the grease of the Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut thermal can lessen the temperature by 10°. Less of the temperature will give you the chance to overclock the CPU and/or GPU delivering you good performance. With the 73 W/mk the paste is the fine kind of thermal paste on the business at the moment. People who desire to put their good foot down can benefit from this paste. Be patient while applying this paste then you will find it flawless.

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6. Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound – best thermal paste for 8700k

Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound

It is also a popular thermal paste in the market. It is preferred by the overclocking enthusiasts all over the world because of its thermal performance. Though when compared to Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut it is less in performance because of its low rates of thermal conductivity at 8.5 W/mk this solutions is still a great competitor.  It is non-corrosive and non-toxic along with being non-curing. It offers thermal compound that is grease based. This product is also affordable when it is contrasted with the costs of Kryonaut. The 3.5 gms of Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound costs thirteen bucks.

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7. Master Gel Maker Nano-High performance – best thermal paste for 7700k

Cooler Master Gel

This paste is new but of high quality thermal paste. It is manufactured by the company called as Cooler Master. It offers supreme thermal performance as it is a grease based composite. It contains the thermal conductivity of 11 W/mk that makes the prevalent GC Extreme unworthy for competition. The paste contains Nano diamond particles which makes it even more appealing.  It can manage severe temperatures that are between -50 to 150°C because of this attribute. This paste also has the feature of viscosity which enabled spreading easily and be removed without drying or the cracks. The affordable paste is very much suitable for the people who are expecting an overlock for their K series CPUs.

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8. Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra Thermal Compound – best thermal paste for amd processors

Cool laboratory Liquid Ultra Thermal Compound


For the overclockers who want a definite deal, this is the best option for them. If you do not want to use the thermal pastes with the best grease based compounds you can use this thermal paste because it has a good set of features to offer. This liquid based thermal paste boasts a very high thermal conductivity of 38.4 W/mk. You can also note a drop in the temperature of the appliance if you are using the paste frequently. It can work greatly in the delidded CPUs. But this liquid based paste must not be used for aluminium heatsinks as the gallium alloy in them can be utilised to corrode the heatsinks Aluminum.

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What happens if the paste is not applied?

Things will not work effectively as they meant to be if the paste is not applied from time to time. The CPU’s temperature will get higher and higher which will lessen the performance of the machine. It will need a material to slow its heating process and make it cool off in the middle. The properly applied paste is a good thing because it can take care of your CPU. The dried and the cracked compounds need to be got rid of the new paste must be applied. The modern CPUs surly need the paste as they heat up faster. So opt for the paste that is best in the market.

The benefits of thermal paste

Thermal paste is a type of high heat conductive adhesive which is utilised in the electronic equipment. The equipment is mostly deemed as highly important which in need of a good heat conductive agent for it to function properly. They help in filling the small gaps that forms in the equipment. It is formed in the heatsinks which traps the air that flows in the gaps and provided heat conduction. The thermal compound offers reliable and excellent interface through the effective management of the heat. The electronic equipment will perform for a longer time if the thermal paste is applied in it. The pastes are known in various names like grease, gel, material, heatsink paste and heat sink compound.

Thermal compound helps in handling the overheating of the electrical products as they are prone to get heated because of use. The paste is commonly used in computers and laptops.

How much a paste should be applied?

There are various ways to apply the thermal paste. Most of the methods will provide you the same kind of results. You must avoid too much of thermal paste and at the same time too little of thermal paste is ineffectual to the appliance. The well-known method is called as the pea method or dot method which is the applying of thermal paste by pouring it in the central part of the surface. The paste is placed evenly in the surface which will give it a perfect finish when the pressure is put on the heatsink. The rest of the process depends on the cooler and the amount of airflow managed in the PC.

The other method is by applying the paste onto the CPU in the way of a vertical line across the surface of the appliance. Some of the people will apply the paste like an X or spirally which is thought of as excessive as more paste will be used. But if you do not put more or too less it does not count in what way it is poured.

Some of these pastes also come along with particular tools like the brush that you can utilise to pour the paste equally on the surface. If you are using the liquid metal paste the tool for spreading is not at all necessary. Getting the thermal paste and applying it perfectly can improve the temperature and it is the performance of the CPU that counts for its better functioning. If the wrong paste is applied it can damage the appliance and worsen the performance. Now let’s see some of the amazing types of thermal paste.

Removal and reapplication of the thermal paste

If you do not know how to remove the old thermal pastes here is the answer to your question. You can use 99% isopropyl alcohol because it is a simple solution to remove the hardened paste. It cleans the bits of the processor surface, CPU and the heatsink. You can simply pour the solution on the surface on the part you want to clean and wait for the solution to act on it. You can then wipe with a piece of cloth. There is not a planned time for you to take the cooler of the CPU off. You can remove the old thermal pastes and apply the brand new one. Cleaning the PC is a good part then reapplying the paste. You may also change the heatsink compound if you are cleaning the computer.

Whether you are putting the paste for the thermal pastes or the brand new cooler or the heatsink you can change the thermal paste from the old CPU. It is always the best option to have high-quality TIM at hand.

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