Best Budget 1440p Monitors

Best Budget 1440p Monitors Reviews 2020

Gaming has proved to be a favoured pastime for millions of people around the globe.  Some play games for leisure while for others, it is a temporary escape from whatever problems they may be facing in real life. If you are part of the second group of people, you are probably looking for immersive gameplay and graphics to complete lose yourself into for a few hours. This can be achieved by using a 1440p monitor. With Full HD defined at 1080p, these go a step further to deliver superior picture quality. However, more pixels attract higher prices. So, we have listed some of the best 1440p gaming monitors which will not burn a hole in your pocket:

Top Affordable 1440p Monitors Reviews

1. AOC CQ27G1 27″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor from AOC gives end-to-end display with its frameless design. It is 27 inches wide and its curved surface makes for an immersive gaming experience. It has wall mount support for those gamers who prefer playing on a Television or on a console. If you choose to use keep it on a table, it also offers height adjustment. Its QHD display has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which, coupled with the 108PPI pixel density, gives great detail and text. The display also has an in-built blue-light filter which reduces strain on your eyes and allows for long gaming sessions. It has a contrast ratio of 3000:1. This makes the darker colours more vivid. The resulting output is best viewed when lights are dimmed.   


2. Samsung 27-Inch CJG56 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Next up is the CJG56 Curved Gaming Monitor from the well-known company, Samsung. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1440p which gives sharp and extremely-detailed output. Its 27-inch wide screen has a distinct curve to it which makes you feel like you are living the game. With the 144Hz refresh rate, you can play without frame skips or any other kinds of interruptions. Its 3000:1 contrast ratio gives deeper colours. The OSD is also easy-to-use as the key monitor settings are never more than a click away. The monitor’s smart system also comes with an in-built system to automatically change sharpness, contrast ratio and colour value setting to optimize output.   


3. Dell S2719DGF Gaming Monitor

This solid product from Dell has a 27-inch wide screen and a QHD display resolution of 2560 x 1440p. It comes with an adjustable stand which you can set to match your eyes height. It can be overclocked to give a 155HZ refresh rate which provides an incredibly smooth gaming experience. Its AMD FreeSync feature also doubles the frame rate when the refresh rate goes below 40Hz. This makes sure that the display almost never tears. The display is also excellent as it gives rich and saturated colours. The monitor also lacks edges on three sides so that no screen space is wasted. However, it does not come with a curved screen which has come to be a standard for Gaming Monitors.


4. ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor

The ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR’s 27-inch screen boasts a capacity of 2560 x 1440p. However, its 165Hz refresh rate is what makes it a top-notch product. It will almost never lag or skip frames with this astonishingly high refresh rate. As it has quite a big frame, it will occupy more space on your desk. With a 1 ms response time, this monitor is also lightning fast. It also has LED lights on its base which make for a complete gaming experience. The OSD has physical buttons on the backside of the monitor which is a handy little touch. Its built-in Blue Light filter reduces strain on your eyes. The adjustable stand allows the monitor to be rotated up to 90 degrees and also mounted on a wall.


5. ViewSonic VX3276-2K-MHD Monitor 

This one comes with a 32-inch display which, along with its 2560 x 1440p display, gives an excellent gaming experience. The lack of any distinctive bezels minimizes wasted space and maximizes output. It comes with an IPS screen which is generally considered an improvement over TN or VA displays which we have seen so far. The stand provides VESA compatibility which allows you to mount it on a wall for console gaming. However, its height is fixed and cannot be adjusted. You can easily adjust the sharpness, brightness and contrast on this monitor. It is preset with six colours temperature settings to choose from. The 1200:1 contrast greatly helps with the vibrancy of the display. However, it has a refresh rate of 75Hz and a pixel response time of 5 ms which might translate into screen tearing for heavier games like GTA V which require high processing power. 


6. VIOTEK GFT27DB 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

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The VIOTEK GFT27DB Gaming Monitor offers QHD picture quality with a resolution of 2560 x 1440p on its 27-inch wide screen. The frameless display utilizes most of the screen space with minimum wastage. The 144Hz refresh rate is pretty decent and makes for smooth gameplay. Its 1ms response time also adds on to this. As it comes with a TN display which is considered to have lower colour reproduction. However, this product’s panel has a wide colour range which provides above average output. Some assembly is required as you have to join the display to the base. However, it doesn’t quite seem to fit perfectly as it always shows at least a bit of a wobble. The base itself can only be tilted and not moved up or down. However, it compact design does not occupy much space. The OSD is loaded with features. Some of these can be accessed by the five buttons present on the bottom of the monitor. The OSD allows you to adjust red/green/blue, hue, brightness, contrast and saturation levels.


7. MSI Optix MAG271CQR Gaming Monitor    

This product from MSI comes with a curved screen which brings the game to life around you. Its edge-to-edge display also helps in this regard. It has a 27-inch wide screen and a display resolution of 2560 x 1440p. The 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time ensure uninterrupted gaming. It also comes with LED lighting on the back side of the monitor. The products needs to be assembled which can be done easily and does not require tools. The stand can also be height adjusted. For easy control of the OSD, there is a small joystick present at the back. On pressing it, the quick settings menu pops up. 


8. Acer V277U Gaming Monitor

Although Acer is known for its high-quality gaming monitors like the Predator series, this one is a very basic monitor that seems to be more suited for normal computer use than for gaming. It comes with the standard 2560 x 1440p display which every monitor in this list. It also has a 27-inch wide display screen. However, this one has a refresh rate of 75Hz which is pretty low compared to some of the products we have looked at today. The 4ms response time is likely to give rise to screen tear. However, it has very thin bezels which provide an immersive experience. Although this product will prove to be excellent for movies and other videos owing to its great resolution and end-to-end display, it can easily be overlooked while searching for gaming monitors.


9. Philips 326E8FJSB Gaming Monitor

Last but definitely not least, we come to the Philips 32E8FJSB Gaming Monitor. It has a huge screen size at 32 inches which is bound to provide a great gaming experience. It has a display resolution of 2560 x 1440p. With its VA panel, it gives better contrast than IPS and TN screens which results in deeper blacks. This significantly improves the picture quality and saturation. The refresh rate at 75Hz, is a tad lower than expected. The OSD is very user-friendly and convenient to use. A joystick on the back side helps in using the OSD and can also be used to change the volume. 


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