CORSAIR ONE PRO Compact Gaming PC Review

CORSAIR ONE PRO Compact Gaming PC Review


  • Design and technology. Corsair one has the capability to take quiet, fast and small PCs to a level that was previously impossible with a compact form factor and custom liquid-cooling technology.
  • Fastest components. Corsair One is built using the fastest components, and it is powered by the Intel Core i7-7700K processor, award-winning DDR4 memory, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card.
  • Elegant design. Other than coming with a sleek, compact design, this gadget offers refined elegance. It is constructed using stunning premium materials such as fine bead-blasted aluminum and is decorated by subtle ambient.
  • Performance. The gadget offers strong VR and gaming performance. It’s also designed using strong components that enable it to run faster. The high-end performance is enabled by GPU and CPU liquid cooling powers to offer the best VR and 4K gaming experiences.
  • Quiet. Operating at 20dB, Corsair One is quieter than a whisper and nearly soundless in the den or living room environment.


  • Airtight inside. The only disadvantage to the Corsair One’s design is that it’s very much airtight inside. When you open it, the only thing you will initially see is the PSU and the top part of the cooling system. If you want to get deeper, you’ll need to disassemble the PC further by removing the sides as well as unplugging almost every component of the GPU and cooling system to reach the very bottom.
  • Tricky to open. It’s very tricky to open up the Corsair One. You could easily damage this system as you burrow. Rather, it is better to adhere to the advice offered by Corsair and pay for any upgrade so that the experts can work on it at the support center. This is a major problem for performance junkies or spec-heads – particularly when you opt for low-specced Corsair One.


Corsair One is the best small gaming PC you can purchase at the moment. The producers did their best to perfect almost every aspect of the device, from its cooling solution to the design. The aluminum chassis they use is one of best the market can offer currently. It is reasonably compact and looks fantastic despite the powerful hardware included inside. What’s more, their unique shape helps it to stand out from its competitors while the design makes the machine suitable for the living room or a desk.

This device is not only small and powerful, but it is also quiet. These features make Corsair One an excellent gaming machine for individuals who have limited space or those who want to own a great PC for TV gaming.

Other than its high cost, those who would like a suitable small-form-factor gaming PC should consider the Corsair One Pro. Although it can be upgraded, its design and features are enough to give you the best gaming experience. We would highly recommend Corsair One Pro.

After manufacturing PC accessories and parts for decades, finally, Corsair has explored the gaming-desktop field with Corsair One. The company has done quite a great job. From the design perspective, Corsair one is an absolute marvel. Thanks to its innovative cooling system, it’s one or the most influential gaming PCs. But, it lacks upgradability. This has been limiting its appeal to most hardware fanatics. Corsair One Pro Compact Gaming PC is seriously costly.

Design and build

On the outside, Corsair One happens to be one of the most inconspicuous PCs, unlike other competing PCs. Corsair avoided making many peculiar design embellishments or including many RGB lights. They only added extravagances and the light strips on the front.

The dimensions of Corsair One are ridiculously small. Measuring 380 by 200 by 176 millimeters, this device is smaller than most of the compact gaming PCs you will find on the market such as the Lenovo Idea center Y710 Cube and Alien ware Aurora.

Despite being small in size, Corsair loads PCs with all connectivity options required by VR enthusiasts and regular gamers. At the back, you will find one USB 3.1 Type-C, two USB 2.0 Types-A, and three USB 3.1 Type A ports combined with a gigabit Ethernet input as well as audio connectors. If you are a VR headset owner, there are HDMI and USB ports at the front part that makes it a bit easier to set up the Oculus and Vive if you do not want to have the headset plugged in always.

You can only access the One’s aluminum chassis using the rear-facing eject button. This button will let you remove the top part of the gadget including the single cooling fan. Things get interesting once you get inside. The Corsair One is the most space-efficient pre-built PCs you will find today.

Internally, this device has been kitted out exceptionally. If you are an entry-level buyer, consider getting the Core i7-7700 and GTX 1070. More experienced users should opt for an i7-7700K and GTX 1080. Most of these parts are tricky to access, but things will get easier in the future.


Corsair created an intricate set that can handle the component heat in a tiny case. All the internals are high-end, like the motherboard (mini-ITX Z270) with DDR4 16 GB memories. The Intel Core i7-7700K processor, as well as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 are both liquid cooled through two 240mm radiators. The liquid coolers occupy a substantial amount of space, so the producer has oriented everything vertically mainly to run the entire tower’s height. The coolant hoses are shorter and can fit within the limits of the case.

One magnetic levitation fan (ML140) located under a metal grate functions with assisted convection so as to cool the system. It draws colder air via the radiators and then exhausts it out of the top. It’s driven by a 400W modular 80 Plus Gold.

Often, expandability is a compromise for specially designed compact towers. The same is the case with Corsair one Pro. It is not user-friendly when it comes to upgrades because of its sophisticated design. You also can’t just swing the tower door open and start swapping components. In case you are looking for a system that has the room to grow with potential for upgrades and expansion, consider looking elsewhere.

The button on the rear of the case is what you’ll use to access the interior. You push it to take away the top cap and fan, although there is a limited space you can work on. Once you open it, you are welcomed with a metal bracket (screwed in) laid across underneath the power supply’s back, including the side mounted graphics and cooling card. There is virtually no additional operating space.

Connectivity options are many. The Corsair One front panel features a Power button, HDMI port, and a USB 3.1 port that makes it easier to plug in a VR headset. You need not go around the back for the needed ports.

The other features are standard, including the wireless dual-band 802.11ac. This gadget keeps its system clean without the need to install an egregious bloatware. However, there are some few inclusions to note like an in-built troubleshooter, two-year warranty with technical support around-the-clock, as well as free repair shipping supplement. Because Corsair knows its audience, it has included .exe files for the Origin, Steam, GOG, and uPlay and for digital net customers who would like to go in the folder known as Game Launchers. Note that these programs are not preinstalled. However, the installation files will be waiting in case you require them. These files shouldn’t bother you since you may choose to remove or ignore them all together.

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