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Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (Pack of 2)
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In today’s high tech and high speed digitally running world electronic devices that too PC’s play an important aspect in our day to day lives. Whether it comes to business, office works, and high-end users like gaming purposes, testing hardware and software purposes, up to general use of daily work like browsing web everyone is integrated with PCs.

Performance of the PC plays a major role when we rely more on it. In general, all the PC comes with the full unit integrated alongside with it. Modern PC’s generate a huge amount of heat when performing some intensive tasks. While the PC is used for gaming then undoubtedly you may have experienced a lot of heat dissipated from the CPU. This is where the problem arises that when a huge amount of heat is released the performance, a function of the PC may get worse and if this continues it has a definite impact with the lifespan of the processor.

Not all the problems go without a solution. Here we have a list of a great solution for your problem that arises due to the heat generation from your CPU or PC. One simple solution is to use Thermal paste.

Thermal paste is nothing but a thermally conductive substance in a Quasi-solid form applied between a cooler and the CPU. Its purpose is to transfer the excess heat from CPU to the heatsink. The heat generated from CPU is not equally spread to the heatsink which makes the PC’s degree higher than the normal temperature. For this purpose, thermal paste acts as a channel that absorbs all the heat from the CPU, transfers to the heatsink and leaves the system to a few degree coolers maintaining the high-end performance of the PC.

Using the right thermal paste makes your system more efficient with high performance and also makes you feel stress-free. If you fail in choosing the right, then everything goes wrong. Here we have a list of products that are available for this problem with its own characteristic, performance, conductivity, price, and advantages.

Every specific product is being tested and is used in common and are available in current market trend.

There are varieties of thermal paste like liquid metal thermal paste, conductive and non-conductive thermal pastes, etc.., Whereas only the metal that conducts electricity is the only difference between them. Absolutely conductive thermal pastes have a huge difference in better performance.

Best CPU Thermal Paste

1. Arctic MX-4

Arctic MX-4

This thermal paste is of non-conductive. It does not conduct any electricity. This paste contains carbon microparticles that has high thermal conductivity. Cost of this particular one is very cheap with that of its purpose. Its design is simple as that of the syringe which is easy to apply directly on to the surface. One syringe of thermal paste can be used for multiple applications and lasts for a long time overdue and also has no settling time. This particular thermal paste is being used for years that gives its best performance over time and is the cheapest available in the market.

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2. Noctua NT-H1

Noctua is a hybrid mixture of various compounds bound together to meet the end result.  This company is known for its best air coolers and industrial grade fans which is being used for ages. This particular thermal paste gives you a great performance within a short span of time. It can be easily applied and can be stored for up to 2 years. One pack of this thermal paste can be used for up to 10 – 15 systems with better performance. One time usage of this paste lasts up to 2-3 proven years. Its cost is quite acceptable compared to performance and use.

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3. Arctic Silver 5

Arctic silver 5 AS5

As with the name of this thermal paste, it contains 99 percent of micronized silver that helps in for great cooling effect. The best part of this paste is maintaining its performance and it is one of the best product selling in the market. It is being advised by the seller not to spill any of the paste on to the system components. The only thing to remember is it takes minimal of few hours to settle and burn in to witness the high-end performance. It can be used for multiple numbers of times for multiple systems.

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4. Thermal Grizzy Kryonaut

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

This thermal paste is best for the overclocking of the systems. This is non-capacitive and does not conduct electricity. It is an easy apply, requires no settling up time and lower’s the temperature up to 3 – 4 degrees with minimal time. This lasts for over a long time with better performance and results over for better years. It can be used up to 4 times. It comes with an applicator which ensures smooth and even application to the surface. The only consideration for this product is its availability in the market. If you get you are lucky enough.

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5. Thermal Grizzy Conductonaut

This particular product is liquid metal and can conduct electricity easily. It is not suited beginners but for enthusiasts and well-known professionals also for those who look for overclocking. It is the best which decreases the temperature of about 10 – 12 degrees which instantly works with low time. You have to make sure while applying you have to be more conscious that none of the metal is spilled in any of the other system components that may damage the system and may not function.

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6. Cooler Master Gel

Cooler Master Gel

This silicone based thermal paste is absolutely suitable for beginners and enthusiasts. The price is very cheap compared to its performance and maintenance. This boosts up the cooling system in an entirely different experience. This can be used multiple numbers of times for PC’s, mainboards, Chipsets, Video Graphic cards & Adaptors. The shelf life of this is only for about 2 years.

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7. Thermal Take TG-7

Thermal Take TG-7

This thermal grease has great durability and incredible thermal conductivity with diamond base powder. It is recommended only for CPUs with the cooling effect. It comes with a user-friendly model of a syringe applicator. It has a similar lifespan as of the other products but with a warranty.

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8. Thermal Cool Flux

Thermal Cool Flux

This product is of polysynthetic paste that comes in a tube form. It has a high thermal conductivity that provides an excellent result at the end. It is a perfect fit for quick fixes and also for permanent builds. The price is very cheaply available in the market. The product comes with a small tube and can be used only once as it does not contain any more material in it. This is an excellent choice for a variety of uses.

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9. Prolimatech PK-3

Prolimatech PK-3

The thermal conductivity of this product is very low. You can easily use this for your CPU or PC as it is non-conductive.  It is one of the best long lasting thermal compound. This is very effective thermal paste. It provides appropriate protection against the damages caused by overheating of the system as it lasts for long time. This product comes with an integrated heat spreader.

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10. Gelid Solutions GC

Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound

This product is not electrically conductive and so easily suited for beginners. It has light weight carbon particles which gives high durability. This can be used for graphics card or a processor. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive which makes its performance at a high level than the other normal pastes available in the market. It is easy use product that comes with an applicator. It helps cooling the system very effectively.

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Generally, computers and laptops when used for a long time gets heated and generates large amount of heat. Thus using a cooling system like thermal pastes may help you work for longer time by cooling the computer or laptop without leaving any damages. The most important function of thermal paste is to transfer the heat from the processor or CPU to the cooling device. These thermal paste are very handy to fill in the microscopic gaps that improves the overall performance and cooling.

We have listed only the bestselling, good performing and long-lasting thermal pastes which are been proven for years. The price, thermal conductivity, performance and time vary with every product. Each and every product has its own performance, pros, and cons whereas every product is used to cool the system and maintain the performance by lowering the temperature thus by making us not to worry much and feel stress-free with our daily lives that are integrated with our Computers.

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