Best Fanless CPU Coolers

Best Fanless CPU Coolers Reviews 2020

Over the past few decades, the computer industry has been gravitating increasingly towards making Gaming-oriented products and one of the ways it has gone about this approach is by enhancing graphics to support the amazing picture qualities that gaming studios come up with. This is accomplished by making advanced graphic cards and increased RAM performance. These graphics also take up a lot of power and as a consequence, the PC starts producing a lot of heat very quickly. In this event, PCs can take a real hit. Heat not only increases lag, which every gamer hates, but also causes permanent damage to the motherboard if sustained for long periods of time.  In this scenario, good old fan-based CPU Coolers fail to keep up with the demand and eventually end up damaging the PC. So, Fanless CPU Coolers become a viable option to keep your precious Computer safe and cool. These CPU Coolers work by draining the heat into the surroundings by direct contact.

We have compiled a list of the best Fanless CPU Coolers out there for you to buy:

Top Fanless CPU Coolers Reviews

1. ARCTIC Alpine 12 Passive – Silent Intel CPU Cooler

This Fanless CPU Cooler is used for Systems that use Intel processors. It comes with all the accessories and a manual for easy installation. The black anodizing makes it a very effective product for dissipating heat. The MX-2 Thermal Paste comes pre-applied. This makes the installation that much easier. As there is no fan, it works very silently and there is no scope for dust to settle on it. It can dissipate heat which is up to 47 Watts and is really a monster when it comes to Fanless Coolers. It is always in direct contact with the base of the CPU which helps it perform its task with flawless efficiency.It even works with overclocked CPUs, giving decent performance. 

2. NoFan CR-80EH IcePipe Fanless CPU Cooler

This product is made of Aluminium and Copper heat pipes which are in direct contact with the CPU and effectively draw out heat and dissipate it into the surroundings. Even though it does not have the backing of a very big and well-known brand, this product provides amazing functionality, performing under even the most stressful of conditions. The absence of a fan totally eliminates the dust aspect which is usually a big problem with CPU Coolers and ensures that it performs silently. This CPU Cooler uses the IcePipe technology to keep your CPU Cool. While installation, you need to keep in mind that fitting the screws too tightly or too loosely could result in improper functioning of the product. It has a two-year warranty. It will work with systems that run Intel 775 and higher and also with those running AMD AM2+ or higher.

3. Phononic HEX 2.0 Thermoelectric CPU Cooler

This is a massive product and is meant to take very heavy loads. It can be used for competitive gaming to keep the computers cool and functional even after running at high capacities. It has a great design with a detachable fan. The low noise and high efficiency of this product makes it one of the best in the market right now. It also works completely fine with Overclocking of the CPU. It draws heat away from the CPU using its effective Thermoelectric Module by maintaining direct contact with the base of the CPU. It also smartly adjusts its power consumption levels according to requirement so that there is no wastage of energy. Another amazing feature is that it can run at zero pwer consumption when the CPU is taking low loads of upto 35 Watts. The warranty is of upto 1 year. 

4. Silverstone Tek Heligon CPU Cooler

The recommended processors for using this product are Intel 775 and above and AMD AM 2 and above. Since this product does not contain a fan, it makes absolutely no noise while doing its job. It also does not gather any dust so you don’t have to worry about dusting it every now and then. It has heat pipes which do an excellent job of pulling heat away from your Motherboard and keeping your PC nice and cool. It depends on direct contact with the CPU body to draw massive amounts of heat away from the body of the PC. The asymmetrical design helps it to be fitted onto any system. However, due to its very unusual shape, it will take longer and much more effort to install it. It will take several tools and tries to get it right.

5. Dynatron K618 Socket 1156 Passive 2u CPU Cooler

This CPU Cooler is for medium to low performance PCs as its 3 Copper heat pipes can only take so much load. It dissipates heat away from the PC by using thermoelectric method and direct contact method. Noise is not an issue with this product and neither is dust. So, you do not need to clean it every other week. Due to its very compact  size, it can fit in most CPUs without taking up too much space. Although it is not the best performing CPU Cooler out there, it is a nice buy for casual Gaming and low performance needs. It will keep your PC cool and extend its lifer without burning a real hole in your pocket.

6. ARCTIC Alpine AM4 Passive – Silent CPU Cooler

Cousin to the ARCTIC Alpine 12 Passive – Silent Intel CPU Cooler, this product is designed for use with AMD AM4 and higher processors. Like its Intel version, this one is also a beast of a performer. Its heat sink is always in contact with the CPU. This makes it very easy to drain heat out of it. The black anodizing dissipated heat very quickly and is an optimal solution to overheating. As there is no fan involved, it is silent and dust-free. The MX-2 Thermal Paste is pre-applied. This makes it very, very easy to install in your CPU. The manual and instructions to do so come with the CPU Cooler and is easy to understand by anyone.

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