G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 Ambidextrous RGB 8200 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse Review

G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 Ambidextrous RGB 8200 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse Review


  • Appearance. The G SKILL MX780 is a nice-looking mouse. It’s fascinating to look at though some people may be turned off by the excessive lighting and the dramatic bumps and lights. It looks it’s about to transform at any given moment.
  • Comfortable. The G SKILL MX780 gaming mouse is very easy on your hands. The palm rest is placed perfectly to accommodate the size of all gamers. The wrist pads and the grip pads are textured to enhance the user’s grip and comfort when using the MX780.
  • Customizable. The MX780 gaming mouse is highly customizable. Its built to provide a personalized experience for all users. It has interchangeable grip, adjustable height, and perfect for both right and left-handed users.
  • Aim assist. Aim assist is a feature that allows high precision when using a mouse. The MX780 is built for precision; it allows you to place the cursor exactly where you want it, a feature that comes in handy during gaming.


  • Aggressive design. The G SKILL MX780 gaming has been criticised by some quarters for having an overly aggressive design. Some users have had a difficult time trying to get used to the sharp lines and various shapes.
  • Hard to use. In some cases, users have found it hard to use the MX780 gaming mouse due to the numerous buttons which lead to accidental clicks. To properly learn to use the mouse, it takes a significant amount of time.
  • Performance glitches. Sometimes, users experienced performance glitches when gaming especially on faster FPS, which can be very tiring.  The glitches are caused by the high acceleration built into the Avago ADNS-9800 sensor.


When it comes to choosing a mouse, the choice always boils down to preferences. Most importantly, does the mouse work well? Are there any major issues in the performance? Most of the mice reviews you will find online are highly subjective, so the only way to get a good gaming mouse is asking these questions.

The G SKILL MX780 gaming mouse works fairly well in gaming and other usual computer activities including web browsing, photo editing, media playback, etc. Overall, the G SKILL gaming mouse is a definite winner. It might take some time to get used to the mouse design, but you’ll get there eventually.

It allows a lot of customization with macros, the different lighting zones, RGB lighting effects, and button mapping. The palm rest and the side plates allow for tons of adjustability too. The cool aluminum frame that gives the mouse an impressive look. The MX780 is a good option for a gaming mouse.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, G SKILL is one of the largest module manufacturers in the world. Over the years, the company has built a reputation of providing products of superior quality at competitive prices. Just recently, G SKILL has entered the gaming products market making products such as headsets, mice, mousepads, and keyboards. Among the first iterations of gaming products from G SKILL are the G SKILL Ripjaws RGB keyboard and the G SKILL Ripjaws MX780 RGB gaming mouse.

Today’s review will be focussing on the G SKILL Ripjaws MX780 RGB gaming mouse. The market for gaming products is highly competitive, and to succeed, you have to offer something out of the ordinary. That’s exactly what G SKILL have tried to do with their MX780 RGB gaming mouse. The MX780 boasts of some unique gaming features that clearly sets it apart from similar products. But all that is in theory. How good is the G SKILL MX780 RGB gaming mouse when it comes to actual gaming? Read the full review to find out.

G. SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 Key Features

The MX780 gaming mouse is built to give the utmost gaming encounter in sublime RGB lighting with both practicality and durability in mind. It comes with features such as customizable RGB backlighting, eight fully programmable buttons, Omron micro-switch, Avago laser sensor, adjustable height, onboard profile storage, adjustable palm rest, interchangeable side grips, and an ambidextrous design. Here’s a short description of these features:

  • Customizable RGB Backlighting and Eight Fully Programmable Buttons: The MX780 gaming mouse comes with customizable backlighting in distributed across the different lighting zones on the mouse. You can use buttons to program the mouse RGB lighting which supports over 16.8 million colors.
  • G SKILL Unified Driver System: This feature gives you control and complete personalization of settings such as lighting patterns, light settings, key function programming, macros, etc. by unlocking all the limits of customization.
  • Omron Micro-Switch: The G SKILL MX780 gaming mouse allows the handling of everyday tasks efficiently and with confidence with its durable (20 million clicks) Omron micro-switches.
  • Avago Laser Sensor (Gaming Grade): The mouse allows high precision and swiftness during a gaming session with its Avago Laser Sensor (latest version) that supports up to 1,000Hz polling rate and 8,200dpi.
  • Adjustable weight: The mouse comes with an extra 4.5 grams of weight to allow the optimization of the correct overall mouse balance. Gamers come in different sizes; you can adjust the mouse it fits your style of gaming.
  • Onboard Profile Storage: The mouse is built for customization and allows profile storage to ensure that your preferences follow you wherever you go. You can store up to five complete sets of lighting and key configurations.
  • Adjustable height: The G SKILL MX780 gaming mouse is adaptable to your own preference. The palm rest is height adjustable to extend support for comfort.
  • Interchangeable and ambidextrous side grips. The side grips are interchangeable to increase adaptability for both right and left-handed users.

Inside the packaging, you will find an MX780 gaming mouse, a warranty guide, a quick installation guide, two 4.5 grams weights, and a palm rest adjustment tool. The mouse is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 PCs. Upon connection, you will need an internet connection for the driver software to download.

Design and Appearance

The MX780 gaming mouse has an aggressive, distinctive look characterized by many sharp lines and shapes that may require some getting used to before you can use it comfortably. There is LED lighting all over with one on the palm rest, four behind the right and left buttons, one on the scroll wheel, one on the scroll wheel, and one either side of the front of the mouse. On the base of the mouse, there are five small feet to help reduce friction. The Teflon (PTFE) feet tend to be soft, but are very slick.

The RipJaws MX780 has flat black plastic panels and brushed aluminum main structure. There is a total of eight buttons you can customize as you wish. There is the scroll wheel button, two buttons on either side of the scroll wheel, a button at the rear of the scroll wheel, the two main buttons, and two underside buttons. On the back side of the mouse, you will see a small chrome socket head bolt that has arrows pointing to it whose function is to lower or raise the palm rest for your comfort.

The MX780 gaming mouse has four LED lighting zones; in front of the palm rest, on the underside buttons, under the G SKILL logo, and on the scroll wheel. The LED lighting is set to red by default, but you can customize it to your favorite colors. The RipJaws logo is overlaid on the plastic painted silversides. Overall, the G SKILL gaming mouse has an intricate but very attractive design, appealing to the eye.


The G SKILL MX780 mouse is built for prolonged gaming performance. The mouse has perfect ergonomics, which, through extensive research, the company has established is the key to the performance of a gaming mouse. Height and width are the two main factors to consider when it comes to ergonomics, and for many, height and width have always been a problem when it comes to a gaming mouse.

G SKILL has addressed this problem by providing a fully versatile palm rest as well as ambidextrous and similar side grips. Aside from gaming, the mouse performs perfectly in other activities. For instance, when browsing the web, the scroll wheel, left and right buttons worked perfectly. To help prevent accidental clicks, the left buttons are mapped forward and backward. That has been raised as an issue by some users since the buttons require a little bit of pressure to accentuate.

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