Best Budget Gaming Chairs Under 100

Best Budget Gaming Chairs Under 100

As the video game industry continues to rise, so does the gaming accessories market. Today, we are going to look at one such accessory called the Gaming Chair. You do not need a study to tell you how immersive games can be.

May it be fighting to keep terrorists off your country’s soil in Call of Duty or exploring the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption or just simply just playing Fortnite with your buddies, that “last game” keeps delaying and you end up immersed in the vivid colours and bright flashing screens and the adrenaline rush as you try to beat the level.

These intense gaming sessions can last for hours on end and as much of a relaxing experience that may be for your mind, it does not quite have the same effect on your body.

Due to the vast market for Gaming Chairs, there are a plethora of products available in the market. We have compiled a list of the best budget gaming chairs under 100 out there so that you get optimum quality without burning a hole in your pocket:

Top Affordable Gaming Chairs Under 100

1. Homall Gaming Chair

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First up is budget-friendly but high-quality Homall Gaming Chair. It is ergonomically designed, which means it supports your spine and does not allow it to get tires even after hours of gaming. It has extra padding which ensures that you are as comfortable as possible as has extra cushions at the lower back and neck areas to compliment this. Moreover, it can be titled up to 180 degrees so that you can lean back and collect your thoughts as you wait for the next round to start. You can also lock the chair in the vertical position if you do not wish to use the tilt feature. Its body is made out of PU leather which is spill-resistant and will maintain its colour and fresh look. It comes with five high-grade coasters which will provide superb stability as well as allow you to move around and go about your work. Its level-3 gas pumps allow you to adjust the height of the chair according to your size and convenience. It comes with easy-to-understand assembly instructions and you should not take more than thirty minutes to put it together.

This product does not come with removable armrests. While most gaming chairs nowadays come with removable armrests, this one lags a bit in that department. However, they are adjustable and at this price point, The Homall gaming chair is one of the best value-for-money products, providing almost all the features that you could possibly want. It comes with an exchange policy which means if you find any structural or functional defects in this chair, the company will replace it for free, no questions asked.


2. GT RACING Gaming Chair

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Like the previous product, the GTRACING Gaming Chair also has lots of cushioning with extra cushions at the neck and lower back regions. The frame of this chair is made up of PVC which makes it very easy to clean if dust settles on it. However, it is strong enough not to rip easily. It will fit you no matter what size you are as it supports up to 330 lb of weight. Its heavy duty castors allow you to roll around to any part of the room effortlessly, without leaving a mark on your floor. As it comes with an adjustable back, you can lean on it till 170 degrees and even lock it in that position. The company calls this “take a rest” mode and it is specifically designed for that. You can also take a nap while the chair is in this mode and still be comfortable without falling over. While reclining, it is advisable to remove the neck and lower back support cushions for better comfort. 

As it is designed keeping racing in mind, it can withstand long gaming sessions without giving the slightest bit of discomfort. Due to its gas list system, you can easily adjust the height of this chair to the desired level. In contrast to the Homall Gaming Chair, GT RACING has fitted this one with removable armrests for gamers who like to move their hands without restrictions. Although this chair will require some assembling, it comes with a manual which will help you easily put it together. The company provides a one-year warranty and reportedly has an excellent customer support team which is always ready to help and provide solutions. 


3. Devoko Gaming Chair

This beast of a gaming chair is one of the best you can find under the price tag of 100 USD. It gives the term “Racing Chair” a whole new meaning with its colour combinations which are reminiscent of race car seats from your favourite Asphalt game. Its heavily padded but extremely breathable Polyurethane seat gives it a premium feel while the curve in its back region perfectly fits your spine and keeps it in position. The back side can be tilted to up to 180 Degrees, allowing you to take a nap in it if you wanted to. You can also lock the seat in four positions which can be used for gaming, reading, relaxing and sleeping respectively. The gas lift can be used to adjust the position of the seat vertically as to obtain the perfect height with respect to the screen. 

The base is super sturdy and will hold up to whatever stress you can put on it. The casters offer high scratch-resistance and will not make a squeaking sound on your floor as you roll around on them. Its neck and lumbar cushions just adds to the comfort of this chair. Assembling it is easy and shouldn’t take you too long as it comes with instructions in simple English and all the installation tools are included. The company also provides a 12-month service guarantee and has a really dedicated customer service team who is always ready to help.


4. Furmax Gaming Chair

There is no doubt that this is one of the most coolest-looking Gaming Chairs in this section. Both its blue and white colour options are easy on the eyes and will look stylish in your room. However, this does not mean the quality does down even a bit. Whereas the previous chairs provided excellent comfort to the spine and the neck, this one goes a bit father. It has a pullout footrest which provides a place to keep your legs which are otherwise just carelessly dangling over the edge of your seat or resting on the ground. This little feature is very useful for those gamers who have long feet as they can rest them in-between rounds or while waiting for their characters to respawn. This footrest also makes it easier for you to take a nap comfortably. Once that is done and you are back in the heat of action, this chair also goes back into action mode. 

Its PU leather body allows gaming for longer durations of time, all the while maintaining an optimum level of comfort. It has a gas pump which allows you to change the height of the chair and make it taller or shorter. The armrests compliment this feature as, although they are not removable, their height can be easily adjusted to match that of the chair. However, you should move your hands and elbows and even shake them out occasionally to prevent muscle strains. As it can carry 310 lb of weight, it is expected to support users of all shapes and sizes. This chair also has the standard 5-castor base support which is made of Nylon and supplements easy movement. Although the product is sturdy and should not sustain any damage during regular use, one year of free service is provided by the company. Setting the chair up is easy as you will receive a user’s manual with it.


5. Best Office PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic

Another quality product from BestOffice, this gaming chair is essentially an upgraded version of the previous product. Following the same “racing chair” format, this one offers an adjustable footrest for when you are tired or need a nap. In this chair, you have an option to recline only the back part of it which is in contrast to its predecessor, in which the whole chair had to be tilted. This one also comes with a plethora of colour options to choose from, some of them even mixtures of multiple colours. The footrest is retractable and can be folded to fit under the sitting surface when not in use. It has lots of cushioning and adjustable support cushions at the neck and lumbar areas. These cushions can be moved up and down according to your level of comfort and convenience.

 It also has a 155 Degree tilted “sleeping” mode for when you are tired but too lazy to get up and go to your bed. Rest assured, you will wake up to no pain in your neck or spine due to the comfortable padding and ergonomic back of this chair. Under the seat, you will find two gas pump levers. One will allow you to adjust the height of the chair while the other’s function is to control the degree of declination of the back. Its five high-quality casters will not break even after heavy use and swivel around freely without getting stuck or giving jerks. It will come in several pieces which you will have to put together using a very easy and straightforward instruction manual.


6. Furmax Office Chair/Gaming Chair

This is the cheapest product in this line-up and one of the most inexpensive gaming chairs you can find out there. However, this does not take a toll on its quality as it performs on about the same level. In stark contrast to the other gaming chairs being talked about in this review, this one has a very minimalistic and simple design. However, it is made out of soft leather which ensures maximum breathability and comfort even after use over long periods of time. The lift mechanism is gas-powered and provides an option to increase or decrease the height of the chair. Its casters are specially designed to prevent scratches from appearing on the ground and supplement easy movement. This product also doubles up as a regular desk chair for users who have to use the computer for their work. However, it has fixed armrests which cannot be adjusted even slightly. These armrests, however, are covered in leather which adds to the comfort factor.  


7. Best Office PC Gaming Chair

Following the “racing chair” theme we seem to have created, this chair follows a similar design. It is available in 6 different colours, each one just as beautiful as the last. As it supports up to 250 lb, you should not have trouble using it even if you are bigger than average. Its ergonomic design ensures long gaming sessions without compromising the health of your spine. Its sitting surface is made out of PU leather and very breathable material which makes sure you are comfortable all day (or night) long. It has an option to rock back and forth so that you keep moving while you play and your body does not get rigid and stiff. The chair has ample padding with extra cushions at the lumbar and neck areas to prevent fatigue and strains in those regions.

The base is of a standard 5-star shape. It is made of metal and will last quite a long time. As its maximum capacity is 2500 lb, it will be able to easily support your weight while rocking back and forth as you get impatient at the loading screen. The five castors are very durable and offer 360 degree swivel movement for those extra special celebrations. The armrests are adjustable and can be retraced which allows the user to easily move their arms to prevent them from getting stiff and developing all kinds of muscle problems. However, there have been a few complaints from the customers’ side. They have said that it makes noise while moving. This could prove to be a problem while gaming at late hours when everybody’s asleep as all sounds are amplified in the stillness of the night. However, any major issues can be resolved by contacting the company as it provides great after-sales support.


Sitting in the same position for long durations of time can seriously damage your spine and lower back. Here’s where Gaming Chairs come in. Ergonomically designed, these chairs are made for comfort, even after long periods of use. They also offer tilt support so that you can lean back in your chair. You do not need to be a professional gamer to need a gaming chair as they can also double up   as a regular office chair. Although they can range up to 1000 USD per chair, there are some companies which offer high-quality products at a lower price tag.

Questions to ask yourself before investing in a Gaming Chair:

Should you even buy a gaming chair?

A recent study has found that an average adult uses the computer for about 10 hours a day. If that adult happens to be a gamer, well that number can shoot up astronomically. So if you spend that much time sitting in front of a computer, you may as well be comfortable, right? Here is where gaming chairs come in. These are made with comfort as their main goal and their ergonomic design supplements that. Their backs are shaped in such a way that they maintain the posture of the user and keep the spine is placed. This prevents the development of any unwanted posture-related issues in the future. Maintaining a good posture can also supplement blood circulation. You can also safely fall asleep in a gaming chair and wake up refreshed and ready for another round of games. 

Is it comfortable enough for me?

One of the main features that make a gaming chair different from regular chairs is its comfort level. All the chairs we have listed have a very comfortable Polyurethane seat which makes the chair very breathable and keeps you fresh all through your gaming sessions. Some of them can even be reclined to 180 degrees so that you can even take a nap in it if you wanted to. The ones with extra pillows at the neck and lumbar regions provide added comfort and just more reasons to go for a gaming chair instead of a regular office one. 

Will I get after-sales assistance?

This turned out to become a very important aspect of buying this online. If you do decide to go for a gaming chair and it arrives broken or gets that way after just a few months of usage, you will expect the company to own up and get it fixed, right? Well, all of the chairs in this listing are protected by at least six months of after-sales warranty or service. Some even come with replacement guarantee so that if some issue does come up, the company will provide you with a brand new piece after inspecting the issue. This is all made possible by excellent customer support teams who are always ready to help and assist you through the exchange or return of your defective product.

Can I set it up easily?

Most Gaming Chairs come in various bits and pieces that have to be assembled by hand, sometimes using various tools. As different chairs are structured differently, their assembly procedures are also not the same. However, all of the chairs we have reviewed today come with an instruction booklet written in a language that is so simple, even a layman would be able to put the chair together. Those products which do require assembly tools are provided with them in the packaging. The assembly time required for these chairs should not exceed thirty minutes and you can focus more on the game than on the chair. 

Which gaming platform am I using?

Basically, there are two platforms you can game on- PC and console. While PC gaming includes your good old Monitor and CPU etc. And sometimes also Laptops, Consoles are Playstations, Xboxes, Nintendo’s etc. Which normally use a TV for display purposes. Normally, there are different types of chairs for PC and console gamers. PC gaming chairs focus more on maintaining a good posture while console chairs are more geared towards providing comfort to the user. It is worth noting that this review is exclusively for PC gaming chairs which might not be suitable for console gamers. However, if the console is connected to the PC monitor and uses it for display, then these chairs may be used for that setup. 

Am I getting enough value for my money?

This is basically the whole article summed up as value for money is probably what made you click on it in the first place. Now whether you are buying a 100 USD chair or a 1000 USD one, you need to make sure you are getting what you paid for. All the above mentioned products are the best you can find in the price range of below 100 USD. They offer features which are at par with products costing thousands of dollars without burning a hole in your pocket.

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