Best gaming chairs under $200

Best gaming chairs under $200 Reviews 2020

We all love gaming. From world of warcraft to league of legends, we all have our personal favourites. Gaming has been part of pop culture for almost the past 2 decades and is here to stay. We are at a time in our lives where gaming is fully fledged sporting event. ESports are a huge competitive event filled with professional gamers from around the world. And gamers don’t take their comfort for granted when it comes to the point of winning and losing.  So let’s talk about the best gaming chairs on the internet. 

Best gaming chairs under $200 Reviews

1. GT RACING Gaming Chair

The first gaming chair on our list is a really reliable and durable model from GT RACING. The chair is perfect for any gamer, both hard-core and casuals alike. It also is amazing as it adds to the elegance of the room it is placed in. The maximum weight capacity of the chair is 300 pounds. The design of the chair is nothing to scoff at. The strong metal frame is designed to help promote a comfortable seating which is perfect for long hours seating of game or work. This is achieved with a thick padded back and also a foam padded seat. The chair also feature a full set of gizmos that make it very multi-functional. The armrest and seat height is fully adjustable. The chair is also reclaimable up to 170 degrees and is all packed with smooth rolling casters. The headrest pillow and lumbar cushion is also removable. All the cushioning and padding is all high-quality which includes smooth PU leather. The base is heavy duty and the casters are made of nylon for great stability and mobility. The chair comes in 6 different colours which range from red to black.


2. RESPAWN RSP-110-RED Gaming Chair

The RESPAWN 110 promises to cut the huge cost of gaming chairs and delivers a gaming chair that is cost effective and durable in one package. The chair has a race car seat design to create a perfect comfort and style for both hard core gaming and for long work hours. The chair is padded so perfectly and it comes with an extendable footrest for position reinforcement, adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows, as well as padded armrest. The chair can swivel a full 360 degrees and reclines 170 degrees. The weight capacity of the chair is 275 pounds. The company offers a full lifetime warranty and year-round tech support.  


3. GT RACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

The GTRACING Company presents a new way of gaming. This gaming chair comes with a heavy duty metal frame so as to allow maximum durability and also help in sitting in a proper posture. The chair also has premium foam which is soft and comfy that makes sitting for long hours more comfortable. The add-on features also include adjustable armrest and gas lift cylinder height adjusters to give the consumer the most customization possible. But by far the main feature of this chair has to be the Bluetooth speakers which come attached to the chair. These make the experience more immersive as you can hear what you are playing with crystal clear perfection and crisp sound. It is also amazing for just random music listening sessions which make this chair an ideal match. The speakers have 6-hour music play and come with a Bluetooth adapter.


4. X Rocker Gaming Chair

The X Rocker gaming chair is the perfect chair for hard-core gamers. The chair is well built with many features which include a vibration feature, adjustable arm and headrest. The chair comes with a wireless feature with volume control, headphone jacks and input/output ports. This chair is perfect pair when used for home theatres. The automatic pairing which connects Xbox, PlayStation and home theatre sets. The chair also has amazing audio features. The 4.1 Audio gives the user a full immersive experience with the built in subwoofers. The chair is also very compact as it is easily folds in and out and also is efficient to keep it in tight spaces. The main attractive feature of the chair is the vibrating motors that sync in with the powerful bass in the audio which gives a full body experience. And finally the chair also has the feature of connecting many different X Rocker chairs in multiplayer mode. 


5. Hbada Gaming Chair

This chair is fully designed uniquely unlike any other chairs in this list and has many cute features. The chair is cutely designed with cute rabbit ears, rabbit tail and a sakura base. The chair is also very well made with premium materials such as leather and comes with a mat. The chair is perfect for gamer girls both casual and professional. The chair also has large sized wheels which prevent them from scratching the floor and also high density foam which will ensure long term use. The chair also rotates 360 degrees and also reclines 155 degrees. The chair is also designed with a body hugging feature which gives the person a comfortable experience. The chair is also available in 3 primary colours and has a very ergonomic design which makes the chair look amazing. 


6. Homall Gaming Chair

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This gaming chair is well built and durable with a steel frame and a carbon fibre adjustable arm and head rests. The chair is also made using pure black leather and also has a very ergonomic design which makes it perfect for office use. the steel frame adds to the build quality and makes this chair a perfect companion for the everyday working man.


7. RESPAWN-900 Gaming Chair

The RSP-900 is the best chair for the gamer who wants to play hard and at the same time relax harder. The chair is fully comfortable as it has a recline feature with the leg support. The chair also has a cup holder which gives the gamer a better ability to play as he doesn’t need to refuel constantly. The chair also has a pouch on the left side which helps hold a gaming control. The chair is also uniquely designed as it has one surface of operation and doesn’t let wires tangle in the wheels. The company offers a well-built chair and also a well-made lifetime warranty. 


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