HP 15-ba043wm 15.6 Touchscreen Laptop Review

HP 15-ba043wm 15.6 Touchscreen Laptop Review


  • Touchscreen: Though HP 15-ba043wm is not a convertible laptop, its touch screen feature is a plus over the laptops in its class. It offers great gaming experience for touch-friendly web games. It also has an excellent zoom in and out capabilities which make is a better deal when compared to equally priced laptops.
  • Performance: The Quad core AMD A10-9600P, 2.3GHz offers better performance than most processors used in other laptops of the same category.  Its integrated Radeon Bristol Ridge graphics card comes with a 4.25GB shared memory. As a result, this computer offers better gaming experience than its competitors.
  • Memory and storage: Even though 1Tb HDD storage is not a new feature in laptops, it is a real deal for fair priced budget machines such as the HP 15-ba043wm. In addition to the ample storage, it also comes with an 8GB DDR3L RAM. Hence, it offers more than paid for regarding storage and memory.


  • Bloatware: Like all HP laptops the HP 15-ba043wm comes with several of bloated software. Well, most of them are common ones such as MacAfee antivirus, HP Connected Drive, Netflix, a handful photo editing apps and nearly two dozen games. While they are not harmful, they spoil the feeling of a new machine.
  • Poor color quality: HP 15-ba043wm TN panel scored very low on RGB color gamut tests and rendering. It also has the lowest brightness in comparison to other models of its caliber
  • Not for hardcore gamers: The processor, graphics and display combination of the HP 15-ba043wm is one of the best for laptops within its price range. However, they do not meet hardcore gaming requirement. Nevertheless, it can still support classic and browser games.


It is evident that the HP 15-ba043wm is not a high-end gaming laptop. In spite of this, it is still one of the top quality machines available at moderate pricing. The processor and graphics in the computer are categorized among the top-notch choices for this class. On top of these is the distinctive touchscreen feature. Those who do not have sweaty hands or do not mind fingerprints on the screen will find it most fulfilling.

I award the HP 15-ba043wm laptop rating of 4 stars out of five. It is purely based on comparing it with other gaming laptops it the same moderate price category.

News about the touchscreen-enabled HP 15-ba043wm laptop reached me as one of the best moderate priced notebooks ever released by HP. I decided to take my tour of this machine and reach an evidence-based verdict. In this review, I look at the exceptional feature of the laptop, the fails, and successes of this machine.

Classy diamond look

The HP 15-ba043wm comes with a range of subtle touches exclusive to HP notebooks. Its chic diamond theme gives it a fantastic fresh look. Two-thirds of the plastic tray is imprinted with tiny diamonds which will catch your attention. There are two color models available, the plain black and a more elegant blue coat model. The latter costs a few more dollars. Despite the model, the subtle hatched patterns offer an enhanced decorative look.

Camouflaged touchpad

The HP 15-ba043wm comes with a touchpad you will find in no other machine. It is borderless with a nearly non-existent indent. Were it not for the two click buttons close to it; it would be impossible to tell which part of the plastic deck is the trackpad. When working with the factory settings, the touchpad is slow and less responsive. Tweaking its sensitivity settings upwards solves the issue.

A Complete Keyboard

Those who pick issues with the track/touchpad find solace in its keyboard. It comes with its full set of snappy island keys. It also has a number pad and function keys. The keys are adequately spaced and have a rough texture. Consequently, it allows smooth typing, 85 words per minute with 95% accuracy, with little discomfort. Working on this keyboard proves that the effectiveness of HP’s typeface is usually understated.

Multipurpose Screen

The HP 15-ba043wm Touch laptop comes with a 15.6-inch display panel having a resolution of 1366 x 768pixels. The TN panel, however, is dull and offers a relatively paltry color rendering for machines of its category. It registered 162 nits on brightness test. This is a far cry from the average 192 nits. However, it offers better viewing angles than its closes HP alternative, the Pavilion x360.

The screen also doubles up as a touchscreen. Due to my experience e with used to faster screens on tablets and convertible laptops, I found this one slower and less responsive. Besides, I do not like having my fingerprint marks on the laptop screen. So if I can avoid that, the better. Additionally, it became disabled when customers upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10. HP, however, says it has solved the problem in the new models with preinstalled windows 10.


The webcam of the HP 15-ba043wm is excellent for close range pictures and Skype calls. Anyone planning to have a phone-quality selfie with this webcam will undoubtedly be disappointed. However, the video quality is worth the investment. A picture editing software will take care of the missing details.

Gaming experience

HP 15-ba043wm is one of the bestselling Quad core AMD Radeon based laptops in the market today.  The integrated Radeon R5 graphics card comes with up to 4.25GB shared graphics video memory. It allows playing several classic games. Despite this, it is less potent for newer and graphics intensive games. The touchscreen also provides an intuitive gaming experience for touch-based games.

Processor and memory specifications

The laptop is powered by the high-end A10 series of the AMD quad-core processor model. It is more powerful than Intel’s Core i5-5220U and Core i5-2410M processors and their previous versions. The processor is backed up with an 8GB DDR3L RAM and 1Tb 5200rpm HDD memory. The hard disk size beats that of most of the laptops within its price range. It also comes with a preinstalled Microsoft Windows 10 Home operating system.

Heat dissipation

The HP 15-ba043wm, like all HP notebooks, is a properly cooled machine. Under intense processor activity, it registered 86, 88 and 85 degrees on the touchpad, keyboard, and underside respectively. This was significantly lower than the comfort threshold of 95 degrees.

Battery life

HP 15-ba043wm delivers a 5.5hours battery life under moderate activity. It is an exceptional time for its budget-friendly price. The battery life is lower than that of other laptops in the category such as the Satellite and HP Inspiron which offers a battery life of 4.6 and 4.7 respectively.

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