Logitech G810 RGB Orion Spectrum Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G810 RGB Orion Spectrum Gaming Keyboard Review


  • Performance. The G810 has a performance-driven design that makes it possible for the keyboard to deliver peak performance like other powerful G series technologies the manufacturer offers.
  • Compatibility. The keyboard is compatible with Windows 7 and both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and even with Windows 10.
  • Media control. It comes with easy-access media control like play, mute pause, skip songs and adjust volume right at the keyboard.
  • Strong. G810 also makes use of tough plastic casings to house crucial switches; it can withstand shakes and flakes.
  • Dedicated buttons. The dedicated media control buttons are tucked at the top right corner. The gaming mode button can turn off the Windows key when gaming. One thing you will not get enough of is the convenience offered by the volume adjustment wheel. It is not only easy to access and great to use, but it also melts flawlessly into the chassis.
  • Cool LED. When plugged in, the G810 turns its charm up. The LED’s mounted on the surface of the keyboard illuminate the key printing brilliantly and evenly. All keys, even the dedicated media ones, have LED’s installed underneath.


  • Keycaps. The keycaps can present some problems. Something about either the height or distance of keycaps will keep you from typing as rapidly as you usually do. This could slow you down especially at first before you get used to using the keyboard.
  • Click. Although the Logitech’s switches provide a satisfying click, the click is not as loud as a standard ‘clicky’ switch. Otherwise, you will enjoy typing on the G810 keyboard.
  • Sensitivity. Thanks to the light and high actuation forces, this keyboard is effortless and lightning fast to press. While this certainly gives you an edge when playing spam intensive games, it’s naturally sensitive, and this can cause it to fire even with the least pressure.


If you would like to purchase a customizable and high-performance keyboard that is not only stylish but also unobtrusive, consider getting the Logitech G810. However, this keyboard may be too simple in functionality and design if you are a hard-core gamer because it doesn’t have a wrist rest as well as the dedicated macro keys. Nevertheless, the G810 is a slick media and gaming keyboard that you can customize in endless ways. What’s more, if you also own other Logitech accessories like a headset or mouse, you can sync up your light show and enjoy the experience. The dedicated video and music controls are quality, and you’ll have fun while using them.

In conclusion, the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is a gorgeous keyboard with many smart features that will suit a broad range of gamers. It’s a well-designed hardware with stunning lighting and various useful media control buttons. If you can afford it and you prefer elegance over flair, be sure to get yourself this keyboard.

The Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is the third keyboard in the lineup Logitech has created using its proprietary Romer G-switch. Some of its features and flair have been trimmed off from the G910 with the aim of reducing the cost to appeal to the masses. This product has some note-worthy highlights, and that’s why we think it deserves some extra ink. The Romer-switch idea spawned after a partnership between Omron (a Japanese switch manufacturer) and Logitech.  It has been designed to be a high-speed, gaming –oriented switch.

The key difference between Logitech G910 and G810 keyboards is that that the G810 doesn’t provide a wide range of dedicated macro keys, including other fancy features like ARX Control integration and wrist rest. Most gamers do not require these features anyway.

Design and Features

This full-sized keyboard has a number pad that’s accompanied by a non-detachable braided USB cable (6-foot long). However, it does not have an inbuilt USB pass-through; a common feature found in some of its competitors. Other than having a top-notch build quality, some heft has been added to it – you won’t need to worry about moving around while playing. It has the manufacturer’s proprietary Romer-G switches designed to offer 25 percent faster actuation, including crazy-long endurance or approximately seventy million actuations. Note that only Razer’s switches provide more longevity at around 80 million clicks.

The Logitech G810 RGB Orion Spectrum provides RGB lighting that comes with per-key customization and numerous dizzying options. We will discuss the light settings shortly. Other than its gaming-oriented design, this product sports steadfast media controls that allow you to play easily and skip between tracks, as well as mute videos or music. You will also appreciate being able to adjust the volume with the handy rolling wheel placed at the corner. Most people prefer having such controls right above the right hand as opposed to using combinations of F-keys like in other keyboards. Even though Logitech is not the only company that has placed media controls in that location, they have done a remarkable job by ensuring that they are easy to access and use.

The on/off key used for lighting is placed next to the controls. You will also find a game mode key used for disabling the windows button. If you like raising the keyboard up a little, you’ll be pleased to see that the manufacturer has built a smart adjustment system that allows you to see it at 3 different heights. However, this keyboard doesn’t have a wrist rest, which would be helpful to those who are already accustomed to having wrist support.  It might surprise you that this feature isn’t included in the G810, but for some reason, the manufacturer only provides this functionality on its 910 series keyboards that are more expensive.


Logitech’s easy-to-use and free gaming software allows users to adjust the lighting, manage game profiles as well as update the firmware of the keyboard. Note that when you run the software for the first time, it appropriately loads gaming profiles for games it finds on your hard drive. Surprisingly, it also loads softwares like Excel and Word. The software lets users create custom profiles easily. The 12 F keys are still programmable.

Wondering about the key lighting? The Logitech G810 happens to be full RGB. It provides a 16.8 million-color palette able to sync lighting across the rest of the gaming products offered by Logitech. The software has an image of the keyboard for showing users the specific keys programmed in definite colors. The interface is well organized and straightforward.

This keyboard comes with four lighting modes: zones, effects, freestyle, and your effects. Freestyle allows you to adjust the color of the keys individually. Zones mode groups keys by color; a helpful feature since some specific games depend on key groups. Users have the chance to choose from multiple present lighting effects such as fixed color, star effect, color wave color cycle, breathing, and key press. You also have another option of saving your own effects when you adjust the direction and speed. The lighting is fun to play around with. Although the different options may be daunting at first, they provide seemingly unlimited customization opportunities.


With Romer-G mechanical switches as well as the 26-key rollover, the G810 will not disappoint in fierce or gameplay typing.  This means you won’t have to worry whenever you smash multiple keys at once. The pre-loaded game profiles are pretty cool, so be sure to check them out.

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