Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Review

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Review


  • Practical and comfortable. The Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox is efficient, comfortable, and can be used to play PC games.
  • High performing and easy integration. The controller offers top performance in both PC and console games and integrates nicely with PC games.
  • Sturdy design. The Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox is built to last. The cord is long (9 feet) and extremely strong with a breakaway component — prevents the console from falling if someone trips on the cord.


  • Motion sensitive features. The Microsoft Xbox is lacking in the Wii and PlayStation innovative motion-sensitive features department which may adversely affect the gaming experience.
  • Joystick issues. Some Xbox 360 controllers for Windows and Xbox have reported sticking joysticks after a few months of usage. The warranty period is 90 days.


The Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox is one of the best performing, best-designed controllers out there. It provides a phenomenal performance whether you are gaming on a computer or the Xbox 360 console. It’s designed to work best with the Xbox 360 console but once you download the necessary software from the official site (Microsoft), it performs admirably on the PC too.

It might be worth noting that the Xbox 360 wasn’t designed to work best with a wired controller and as a result, it lacks the motion-sensitive features of the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii consoles which might affect creativity in some games. If you are looking for faults, this could be a good place to start. However, there’s no disputing that the Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox is the best Xbox and PC gaming controller in the market right now.

The first time Microsoft made an Xbox controller, some mistakes were made — a lot of them — which turned out to be a learning experience for the giant tech company. The initial Microsoft Xbox controller was one hell of a mess; it was an oddly shaped device with ill-placed buttons, very uncomfortable to hold on. About halfway through the run of the console, the controller was replaced with a better, smaller option that was hailed as one of the best controllers to ever hit the market.

The new controller had been made for the Japanese launch of the Xbox console. The evolution of the original controller to controller S, as it was referred to, was evidence that the original controller was the company’s learning experience. The evolution of the controller to what we have today left many baffled about just how Microsoft could make such as huge leap from one of the shoddiest controllers to ever exist to one of the best.

At the moment, the Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox 360 console is available is wired (plugs in via the console’s USB port) and is only available in one color (black). The device borrows significantly from the controller S. Below is the full Microsoft Xbox gaming controller review. Check it out.

Key Features of the Xbox 360 Gaming Controller

  • Xbox Live Play (Games for Windows): Integrates Xbox live play and jack port for PC headsets.
  • Improved PC Gaming: Eight-way directional pad, two pressure point triggers, and precise thumb sticks for better PC gaming.
  • Game Precision Series: The Xbox 360 Controller allows for better controls, more comfort, and a high level of precision as part of the Game Precision Series features which has been described as a standard-setting in the next generation of Xbox controllers.
  • Flexible Cord: The Xbox 360 gaming controller comes with a tall, flexible, and a very thin cord designed to emulate the feeling of a wireless controller but with the performance benefits of the cord.
  • Ergonomic: A more comfortable gaming experience provided by the award-winning compact ergonomic. Enables you to play in total comfort.
  • Vibration Feedback. During a gaming session, the vibration feedback is designed to ensure a riveting gameplay all throughout the game. This feature helps you get a better feel of the game.
  • Xbox 360 and PC Gaming: The Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox 360 console works for both Xbox 360 and PC gaming. The purpose is to deliver a universal and consistent gaming experience.


The Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox 360 console gets a significant amount of its design elements from controller S. The face buttons, control pad, left and right triggers and analog sticks are made rather similarly and are in the same spots. The white and black buttons that were ineptly placed below the face buttons have been removed. There is a new guide button which allows users to access their gamer card at any moment.

Flanking the guide button are the start and back buttons which have been moved to the middle. The right and left bumpers have been placed in front of the triggers at the top of the controller. The bumpers are better positioned than the black and white buttons, and the new layout is not only great for Xbox 360 and PC games, but it also happens to be backward-compatible Xbox1 titles, which is a major selling point. The small changes highlighted above have resulted in a near perfect design.

The Microsoft Xbox gaming controller for Windows and Xbox 360 console is only available in black and is very lightweight, with a recorded weight of only 8.2 ounces. It has a length, width, and height of 7.91, 5.51, and 2.56 inches respectively. When it comes to aesthetics, it’s in the opinion of many users that the Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox 360 console is the best controller on the market at the moment.


The best thing about the Xbox 360 gaming controller is that it has been made to support a lot of Xbox 360 and PC games. The main reason for that is the fact that today, many games are released for both PC and consoles. Today’s gaming takes a multiplatform approach, and the Xbox 360 controller is built with that in mind.

Many developers are putting PC support into their Xbox games, mostly because Xbox controllers support Windows. PC support seems to be the universal rule these days. What is amazing is the level of integration between the Xbox controller and the PC games. For instance, many PC games will switch to Xbox mode when an Xbox controller is detected on the computer. Users will have the same controller options they’d have on the console.

The integration is deep; everything is mapped to perfection from the get-go. The on-screen button instructions will turn to show button icons when a controller is inserted into a USB port. Standard controllers can’t match the level of integration offered by the Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox during PC gaming sessions. However, there are several software solutions designed to help standard controllers emulate an Xbox controller out there.


The performance of the Xbox 360 gaming controller – whether you are gaming on PC or console – is extraordinary. The response times are instantaneous and the wired Xbox 360 gaming controller for Windows and Xbox 360 console syncs faster than its wireless counterpart. It also provides a stronger force feedback and works with any controller compatible game on PC, all you have to do is download the necessary software from Microsoft’s site. The Xbox 360 controller allows you to customize keys and controls as you continue with gameplay.

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