Best MMO Gaming Mouse

Best MMO Gaming Mouse Reviews 2020

Massively Multiplayer Games (MMOs), as the name suggests, allow a huge number of players to play at the same time. They usually create an enormous live online world and let players, sometimes thousands at a time, to explore freely and interact with other players. Many friendships have been made on MMOs like World of Warcraft, League of Legends etc. and it is a fond part of everybody’s childhood. Even in today’s world, MMOs are going stronger than ever and with all of it being live over the internet, there is a constant need for quick responses and actions. This is where MMO mice come in. Although they look like normal computer mice, they have a set of programmable buttons where you thumb would usually rest and eliminate the time wasted while searching for the correct button on the keyboard. They allow you to stay engrossed in the virtual world without any delays or disturbances. We have compiled a list of the best MMO gaming mice for you to enhance your gaming experience:

Top MMO Mouse Reviews 2020

1. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

First, we take a look at the Venus Gaming Mouse. This affordable product boasts a DPI 16400. DPI stands for dots per Inch and basically denotes how many pixels the cursor will move for every inch that the mouse travels. Due to its high DPI, this mouse will give extremely accurate results. The mouse’s body feels right in the hand and minimizes the chances of clicking the wrong button which may prove to be a fatal mistake in the game. The lighting on this product is what gives it a feel of being a professional gaming mouse and it is fitted with LED that showcase over 16 million RGB colours. These lights can also be disabled by using a switch located on its bottom. It has 19 buttons in total.  12 of them are on the left side and can be programmed to perform certain functions which come in handy for instant operations during gaming. Right below the cursor, there are two buttons marked with arrows which help adjust the DPI. Four lights next to these buttons help you remember the DPI that the mouse is currently working on. There is also a customizable “Fire” button which can be used to quickly shutdown any funny business anyone might try in-game. You can customize the buttons by using the configuration software provided with the mouse. 


2. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

This product comes with 20 programmable buttons making it a very handy tool in MMO games as you can do more with less movement. 12 of these buttons are located on the left side of the mouse. They are LED backlit and can change colour at your command. If you are still not satisfied with the number of functions it can perform, it comes with a G-shift button which, when clicked, increases the number of functions performed by each button by double. The two buttons located near the scroll is for changing the DPI of the mouse to increase accuracy so that you get more assistance in clearing that sniper mission you always get stuck on. The software is also very easy-to-use as you can customize every button without having to spend too much time trying to figure it out. There is also a cool little feature which auto-detects games and re-aligns its buttons to work with them. However, there are a few problems with it. The buttons towards the bottom part of the mouse are a bit too far for your fingers to reach. Also, the ones which change the DPI cannot be pressed without moving your other finger. The fit is not quite there and is not suitable for long periods of use.


3. Redragon M901 Perdition Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse definitely wins hearts in the looks department with its red and black theme and customizable LEDs. More than 16 millions colour options are provided by these lights. The sensor offers excellent tracking with a maximum DPI of 24,000. This can be adjustable by the two buttons situated below the scroll. It has 18 different buttons on its side which can be customized to perform any function you want them to. You can also change the weight of the mouse to get a very comfortable feel of it. The shape is also a win as it is very easy to grip the mouse without any tension creeping into your palms, even after usage for long periods. All the buttons are durable and are expected to last for about 20 million clicks each. At this price, you will hardly find a gaming mouse offering the features that the Redragon M901 provides.


4. CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB – MMO Gaming Mouse 

The body of the mouse is quite heavy, which hiders its mobility by just the slightest amount. However, it makes up for the weight with its extremely ergonomic build and arched back which make for a perfect fit in the hand. The matt finish also adds to the rich feel of the surface. The LEDs light up the Corsair logo and the 12 programmable buttons on its left side. These LEDs are customizable and can be personalized to display any colour that you want it to.  The maximum DPI offered is a very impressive 16,000 and can be changed in-game using buttons which are present near the scroll. You can also set it manually down to every digit. However, there is no indicator present to gauge which DPI the mouse is set in and gamers have to rely on their instincts and memory to remember that. The 12 formerly mentioned buttons can all be moved according to the user’s hand which, along with the rubber grip on the right side of the mouse, further adds to the champion design. There is also a bump on the 5th Button so that you are aware of the position of your thumb with respect to the buttons. However, the price on this one is a bit much will cause a significant dent in your budget.


5. Redragon M908 Impact RGB LED MMO Mouse

Another product from Redragon, this one comes with 12 programmable side buttons and a DPI limit of 12,400. It has removable weight in it so that you can adjust how heavy you want your mouse to be. The problem with having a very light mouse is that it wrongfully detects movement even while pressing buttons. This one does not have that problem as even without the extra weights, it is pretty sizeable and has substantial weight to it. The DPI switch is done by two buttons which can be found below the scroll.  The programmable buttons can be personally commanded do perform the desired functions for quick and easy usage of the mouse. The Redragon logo is situated where the thumb usually goes and is, along with the buttons, lit up by the LED light whose colour can be changed along with its pattern. However, the USB cable provided feels a bit flimsy as although it is braided, it is a tad thinner which makes it more prone to damage.


6. UtechSmart VENUS Pro RGB MMO Wireless Gaming Mouse

Next, we come to our first Wireless mouse- the UtechSmart VENUS. Due to the absence of a wire connecting it to your computer, it moves more freely and does not restrict movement. It runs on a powerful 1000mAh battery which takes only 2 hours to charge fully. As it runs on Bluetooth, it can be used at a distance of up to 10 meters from the computer. On a full battery, it will last up to 70 hours for uninterrupted gaming sessions. It also has a sleep mode and low consumption mode to lengthen battery life. The mouse comes with 12 side buttons which can be programmed to execute different actions. The dedicated fire button is a real help in the heat of battle. The grip is a solid one as it does not slip out of the hand while usage. There are LED lights present which can be customized to display your favourite colour. The DPI can be increased up to 16,000 using the buttons provided near the scroll. It offers durability as all the buttons are claimed to last for 20 million clicks. All these features come at a very affordable price which makes the UtechSmart VENUS a very viable product for gamers.


7. PICTEK Gaming Mouse

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Next, we come to the most versatile Gaming Mouse in our list- the PICTEK Gaming Mouse. It offers a 24,000 DPI sensor which provides maximum accuracy. It can be changed by using the two buttons below the scroll, clearly marked with “+” and “-“. It has a great feel and sits comfortably in your palm. It has LED lighting which can be turned off at your preference. There are four attachments that are provided with the mouse. You can use them to change the mouse’s shape and grip. It can also be used to change the button structure of the mouse. There are 9 customizable buttons provided on the left side of the mouse. However, they can be replaced by a two-button system and a fire button using an attachment. The lifespan of the buttons is also very high at 20 million clicks per button. At this price point, the PICTEK Gaming Mouse truly offers an amazing product with great features.


8. havit Gaming Mouse

This product is a basic one offering nothing special as far as looks are concerned. Its unremarkable design is easy to overlook while considering Gaming mice. However, it becomes slightly more appealing when it is plugged in, what with all the lights coming on and illuminating the branding present on the palm grip. Here’s where the mouse starts generating interest in itself. The 12 side buttons are programmable for quick manoeuvres, which are quite necessary in MMO games. The 16,400 DPI mouse has LED lighting all around it which change colour or even switch off as per command. However, it does not fly that high as it lacks in comfort and is not a viable option for long-time gaming. The buttons are set at awkward angles and are difficult to reach. The price point is relatively low but whether it is worth the cons is quite a close call.


9. SteelSeries Rival 500 Gaming Mouse

Last but not the least is the SteelSeries Rival 500 Gaming Mouse. Its design is a bit different, being wider than usual. However, the comfort level of this design varies from person-to-person. You palm will be occupied with it as it will take up space from your thumb to your little finger. This does not hamper the functionality of the mouse as all the buttons are well within reach. The branding on the palm rest and the scroll are both lit up using customizable LED lights. Again, the placement of the buttons is just perfect as you do not really have to move your fingers much to reach them. It also has vibration feedback which is not present in most mice. However, it is priced a bit on the higher side. Although it offers features to match that price, the build quality does not feel like that of a mouse with that price tag should have. 


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