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8 Best MOBA Mouse Reviews 2020

Gaming, which started off as a stress-reliever to be played in leisure time, has evolved into a full-fledged profession with gamers making millions just playing games for the internet. Parallel to this profession grew another industry- the gaming peripherals industry. These are regular computer accessories-like mice, keyboards, etc. – which are modified to suit the needs of a gamer. Today, we are going to talk about one such accessory, namely the MOBA mouse. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are the most popular among those played by professional gamers and involve playing online with multiple other players. The objective is usually to eliminate other players and to be the last one standing. This gives rise to multiple things happening at once and demands quick actions. This is where the MOBA mice come into the picture. These have multiple programmable buttons right at your fingertips to help you perform these quick actions and give you an edge over other competitors. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best MOBA mice out there so that you can make a more informed decision.

Top 8 MOBA Mouse Reviews

1. SteelSeries Rival 500 MMO/MOBA Gaming Mouse

This wired mouse is quite big. However, there is no discomfort whatsoever as it fits just about perfectly in your hand. The feel of the mouse is also not the best out there as it will smudge quite easily and quickly. If you use it with slightly oily hands even once, you can expect to be reminded of it every time you use the mouse. As most gaming equipment, it has LED lights. They are located on the back of the device where your palm rests and on the scroll wheel. You can choose the colours displayed using the software provided. However, what it lacks in design, it makes up for in performance. The button placement couldn’t get any better with every one of the 15 programmable buttons well within reach. It also has a vibrational feature which gives you an edge in the game by improving your in-game awareness. Its 16,000 DPI optical sensor helps in pinpoint accurate gaming. If you are okay with putting in the extra effort of cleaning it regularly and keeping it free of dust, this is definitely a really good product to go for.

2. CORSAIR IRONCLAW RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

This Gaming Mouse comes with Bluetooth connectivity which frees you from the tangle of wires and looks neater than a conventional wired mouse. It is a device made with right-handed people in mind and if you predominantly use your left, you might not like the design of it. Like the last product, this one too will need your whole hand for a good grip. However, it is not at all heavy and you should not face any difficulties while dragging it around. The scroll button has grooves on it which give extra grip and ensure that your finger never slips. It has 10 programmable buttons which you can set to perform quick functions and get out of tight situations easily. It has a maximum DPI of 18,000. It can be changed as per your convenience. As it can be changed in multiples of 1 DPI, it gives you as much precision as possible. It claims to have a latency of less than 1ms which reduces lag to negligible and ensures smooth gameplay.   

3. Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse

Unlike the previous product, this one is wired. It has six extra weights which you can use to adjust the overall weight of the mouse. This, in turn, allows you to achieve the perfect balance which every good Gaming Mouse should provide. On the left side of the body of the mouse, there is a huge thumb rest sticking out which feels more like a mini mousepad. It has quite a comfortable size and shape which makes it a good choice for users with hands of all shapes and sizes. The body of the mouse also contains extra rubber grip which gives both comfort and functionality. The mouse is well-lit with LED lights all around it. The most notable ones are the three strips right next to the scroll button which give you an indication of the DPI. In total, it has 10 buttons which can be customized to perform any function that you like. The iCUE software provided gives you maximum customizability so that you can stay in control of your Gaming Mouse and use it to the best of its abilities. With the 18,000 DPI sensor, you can be as accurate as possible with this mouse.

 4. Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime Gaming Mouse

At first glance, this product looks like just another computer mouse but that opinion tends to quickly change as soon the features of this little device are acknowledged. There is a button to change the DPI for in-game requirements. The body is designed to not slip while usage and stay firmly planted in your hand. The build has just the perfect amount of heft and feels great in the hand. The 7 programmable buttons on this mouse can be customized as per your requirements and come in really handy in a tight spot. It is claimed to last 20 million clicks per button which is really a huge number, in my opinion. At this price point, the Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime Gaming Mouse is just about as good as it gets and as long as you are not very picky or left-handed, this product should serve you well. 

5. RAZER NAGA HEX V2 Gaming Mouse

Razer is a huge name when it comes to Gaming accessories and is pretty much synonymous with quality. It maintains the same reputation with the NAGA HEX V2. It has 14 programmable buttons which makes it highly customizable and efficient to use. Its USB cable is braided and will offer toughness and resultantly, a longer life. The sensor has a maximum DPI of 16,000 which helps out a lot during those tricky sniper shots. The 1 ms response time is about as good as it gets with absolutely no lag whatsoever. The scroll has is rubberized and has notches which increase grip and make the mouse even easier to use. 

6. Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

This Gaming Mouse is a peculiar one and one glance at it shows you why. It has extra buttons on top of the right and left-hand buttons. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you do, it’s actually a very handy device. It has a total of 13 buttons which are completely yours to configure as per your wish and will. It also claims to be useful as a joystick. However, users do not recommend it as the controls are much more difficult and hard to get used to than a regular gamepad. It is extremely comfortable in the hand and presents no grip problems whatsoever. It also has a top-notch sensor which does its job perfectly. That said, the makers probably overdid it with the features which actually harmed the usability of the mouse more than help it. This also made it unreasonably expensive and an overall poor choice for a Gaming Mouse.  

7. Redragon M901 PERDITION Gaming Mouse

This is a pretty standard MMO/MOBA Gaming Mouse. It has 18 programmable buttons, 12 of which are on the left side of the body. These buttons can be customized by the user and used for a lot of different commands and functions. It comes with detachable weights which help in making the mouse as light or heavy as you want to ensure that it feels right in your hand. The LED lights are present on the scroll wheel, the buttons and Redragon logo. You can set it to a maximum of 24,000 DPI which gives you accuracy to a pixel. It has two buttons right below the scroll to change the DPI on-the-fly. It feels right in the hand with its ergonomic design and can be used for long periods of time.

8. SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

This is a seriously good-looking Gaming Mouse with LED running down both sides and meeting up near the scroll region like flowing lava. It is a wired mouse and uses a 2-meter long USB cable for connections. It has a maximum DPI of 12,000 which is superb, considering that it can be changed on-the-go.  This can be done using the DPI button which is located just below the scroll. The sides of its body are made out of Silicon which provides great grip and ensures that it stays firmly grasped in your hands. 

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