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Best Gaming Monitors for Consoles Reviews 2020

Console gaming has risen to prominence over the last couple of decades. From the Nintendo Switch to the Sony Playstation4 to Microsoft’s Xbox One, console gaming is drawing an increasing large number of gamers towards it. As companies continue to launch better and more powerful consoles, this crowd is bound to get bigger. The distinguishing feature of consoles that make them different from PC gaming is that they can be played from a distance using a controller and do not require the player to sit rigidly in a chair at all times. For a better console gaming experience, you need to have a screen dedicated to gaming. So, we have put together a list of the best monitors for console gaming for you to choose from:

Best Gaming Monitors for Consoles Reviews

1. Asus VG245H Console Gaming Monitor

First up is the VG245H. Coming from a reputed brand like Asus, this console gaming monitor has a 24-inch screen which provides a decent display size. Its 1080p resolution gives great picture quality but only when there is light present around the room because as soon as it gets darker, the flaws start coming out. In the dark, it fails to display black output and instead, displays shades of grey. It has FreeSync technology which allows you to easily connect your console to the monitor and start gaming right away. This is supported by the TN panel which is especially good for gaming. It also has a 75Hz refresh rate which is a considerable improvement over the usual 60Hz and allows you to play smoothly without worrying about screen delay. The viewing angles are also compromised here as the picture quality starts to degrade as we move to the side of the monitor. It also does not support HDR which further reduces its usability as a gaming monitor.


2. GAEMS VANGUARD Personal Gaming Environment

For this product, we tear away from the generic display-mounted-on-a-table and look at this clever little screen. From the outside, it looks like any other reinforced suitcase but as soon as you open it, you are greeted with a 19-inch HD screen and enough space to keep all of your gaming accessories, including your console. As it is basically a suitcase, it is extremely portable and perfect for on-the-go gaming.  The screen is 1080p and has a wide viewing angle which keeps the picture steady even when viewed from the side. The HDMI cord is included so that you can easily connect your console to the screen. The stereo speakers are built-in. However, if you are playing a multiplayer game or want personal audio, there are two headphone jacks provided near the bottom. These speakers give remarkably good sound quality and its volume can be easily adjusted. However, all this convenience comes with a price to match. Also, closing and opening this case may present a slight problem.


3. GAEMS M155 Full HD 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor

Another handy little product by GAEMS, this one does not come with a suitcase and is rather more like a stand-alone screen which gives you the advantage of having a portable screen for your console gaming and at the same time, eliminates the extra weight. It stands on its own without needing a mount and it’s Full HD 1080p screen gives you an enriching experience which you will not find in most TVs. Just over 15 inches, the screen is small enough to fit in a travel bag and yet big enough to give you a good gaming experience. There are ports provided for you to connect your headphones, speaker and most importantly, your console. It also has an in-built speaker whose volume can be adjusted from the screen itself. The 60Hz refresh rate is at par with any standard gaming monitor. The TN display is perfect for gaming. However, the screen may give glare which demands it to be used in a room with artificial and strategically-placed light. 


4. GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP

If you like the Vanguard, you’ll love this one. Coming from the same manufacturer, the GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP has the same concept. However, it is visibly different. To start, it has a handle on top of it to allow users to easily carry it around. You will need two power outlets- one for the screen and one for your console. The one for the screen is already included in the box. The screen connects to the console via an HDMI cable which is also provided. The monitor itself is 1080p which provides great video resolution for you to enjoy your gaming to the fullest. It also has inbuilt speakers which are surprisingly good when it comes to giving powerful output. The 17” screen is not the biggest to ever exist but is definitely big enough for an immersive gaming session. A hand little bag is provided for the wires so that they do not scratch the screen. The price is a bit high but the features provided are worth shelling out the extra few bucks for.  


5. LG 27UK850-W Monitor

Coming back to conventional monitor screens, we look at the LG 27UK850-W Monitor. Its 27-inch screen pairs up with its 4K screen resolution for the best picture quality you could ever ask for. Its HDR supports just further aids its effectiveness in being used as a gaming screen. The viewing angles on this one are also pretty good, allowing you to see the screen perfectly well, even from the sides. It has AMD FreeSync support so that you can easily play with your console to it. It can also be mounted on corners, thanks to its rotatability. You can also adjust the volume right from the screen by using a joystick. An IPS screen allows it to produce vibrant colours and deeper blacks. There is minimal glare on the screen. It has an HDMI port for you to connect your device. 


6. Dell U2718Q Monitor   

The Dell U2718Q is also quite impressive. It has a 27-inch display which is quite large and makes for an immersive gaming experience. The 4K display is as good as it gets and coupled with its HDR support, makes for an amazing picture quality. It sports an IPS monitor which improves the viewing angles and helps with the darker colours. It has a 5ms response time which makes sure you do not miss anything. You can easily play games on this monitor just by connecting your console through the HDMI port. However, the brightness of this monitor is not up to the standard created by other monitors in its category. For the price being as high as it is, one would have expected a better screen quality and functionality. 


7. BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 Gaming Monitor

lAst but not the least, we come to the BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 Gaming Monitor. As you can tell by the title, this one is specifically designed for playing games. Its 1080p screen resolution is not disappointing by any means. It has a 27-inch screen and runs games smoothly. This is due to its 60Hz refresh rate which does not allow lag. Although it can be set to 75Hz, you can only do so on the expense of the display resolution. A TN panel ensures that you keep gaming without any disturbances. However, this means the colour accuracy is compromised. You can also choose the genre of the games you are playing so that the display can adjust to it. An HDMI port is provided for you to connect your console and game away with this impressive gaming monitor.


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