Best Mouse Pads For CS: GO

Best Mouse Pads For CS: GO Reviews 2020

Some people play games for relaxation, while others play for money or for their passion. Everybody like games and one of those games is counter strike.

If you are a pro player of counter strike(CS: GO) you would be thinking to spend much on your mouse. Mouse pad is as important as the mouse. If you don’t have a mouse pad you would be experiencing that the mouse is moving but the cursor is not. You will be very angry when the enemy sneaks out from you because of your mouse.

We analyzed your personal needs and preferences and reviewed every pad so that you can get the best on a low budget. Now if you have one of these mouse pads you will see that your ammo flicks into your enemy’s head. Your aiming will be most accurate.

For your best gaming experience, you need not only sensitivity but the comfort of your hand. We listed our top ten most useful and comfortable mouse pads for gaming.

Top Mouse Pads For CS: GO

1. CSGO Global Strike Fans Gaming Collection Mouse pad

It is a 12x 10-inch CSGO gaming fans mousepad. CSGO logo is printed on the top surface which is in silver coluor with a smooth cloth finish. The mousepad has a rubber bottom which gives a good grip for players. It is non-toxic, child-safe, waterproof and it does not stink. It also has a classical design. This mouse pad is really a good choice for players who give preference for comfort. It is now available on Amazon for a good price and it got 100% 5-star rating.

2. CORSAIR high-performance mouse pad

The CORSAIR mouse pad is one of the best mouse pads selected for gameplay. On the top surface, it has an anti-fray cloth which is frictionless. It is a big advantage for gaming which enhances the ability of the sensor of a wide variety of mice. In the bottom, it has a rubber pad which gives us more grip. 

Coming to the types apart from anti-fray cloth, it also has normal cloth variety. If needed it is also provided with a wireless charger inside the pad so that you can also charge your wireless charging devices. One of a kind is also provided with an LED stripe at the edges. It is available in black, Yellow striped and also graphical designs in which the graphic design looks good. It is also available in a variety of sizes which include Medium, Small, Large, XL, Extended XL, 3XL sizes.

The bigger the best in mouse pads. The mouse pad offers a superior control with a Textile-weave surface designed for pixel-precise targeting in your game. The mouse pad is surrounded with strongly stitched edges that keep the cloth in place without peeling off from the edges and ensure the best durability. This mousepad is optimized for both laser and optical mice, so you can use any sort of mouse. Finally, this mousepad is most durable and can stand up to years for daily gaming.

3. Extended mouse pad with rubber grip desk pad for office, school, gamer

In the above two mousepads alike the first one is waterproof but coming to the dimensions, This is quite different from those. It has 28.7, 13.8 inches of length and width respectively, which is long enough to fit a mouse and keyboard also. It is one of its kind that has a curved shape design on the right side to ensure that the mouse does not slip off from the pad when you are gaming. It offers an optimal space for controlling the PC mouse at any circumstances.

This desk pad generally fits for all sizes of keyboards and mice. It is soft, durable and flexible to you. It offers plenty of room for gamers or office workers. Heavy-duty rubber base prevents it from sliding over the desk when you are using it. As of other mousepads, it has a variety of designs and colours. Mainly for CSGO fans, there is a special desk pad that has an amazing graphic design with CSGO printed on it. It is made by gamers so it fulfils all the requirements of a gamer. This gamepad gives you extreme comfort and excellent precision for your mouse. If you are excited, try now.

4. Belkin standard mouse pad

The Belkin standard mousepad comes with a neoprene bottom and jersey surface. Which gives you grip and comfort. In this mouse pad, there exists a thin foam layer between the surface and the bottom which gives you some extra comfort when your palm is rested over the pad. This computer mouse pad ensures smoother mouse control. It gives you pinpoint accuracy when you are aiming with it. 

This mouse pad gives a super smooth surface which improves mouse tracking. It has a pretty solid look and very much lightweight. Even the jersey surface gives some durability, there are chances of peeling out of cloth from the edges. It is now available on Amazon in different colours like blue, black and red. It is rated for 4.5 stars but some might say that stink.

5. VicTsing mouse pad for Laptop, computer, and PC

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The VicTsing mouse pad comes with multiple times stitched at the edges that give the product the best durability. This is a premium-textured mouse mat with a good gripped rubber base. This mousepad comes in great quality with classic black or white design. It also comes in a colourful graphic design of Galaxy.

The stitched edges has delicate edges which can prevent wear and tear. This can ensure prolonged usage. The upper layer is a textured cloth which is pressurised to prevent from separation between layers. While you are gaming you can move your mouse as fast as you can and it will be great for gaming. This gamepad is made of multi spandex which gives a bright-looking colour and it does not fade. It,s washable and easy to clean. This will be the best gift if you want to give it to anybody.

6. Steel Series Qck gaming surface mouse pad

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The steel series Qck mouse pad is the best selling mousepad of all time. It is optimised for all mouse sensors. With this mousepad, you can have maximum control on your mouse. It is available in a variety of styles, colours and designs. One of them is PUBG mouse pad. It ha been the best choice and recommendation of Esports for the past 15 years. 

It has micro woven cloth surface on its top and a high friction rubber mat at the bottom to eliminate the unwanted movement. It’s mase the best selling mousepad in the world because of its legendary micro woven cloth. It is also been tested by the top mouse sensor companies. It’s high thread count and smooth surface, it optimises the accuracy of your mouse. This mouse pad is easy to clean and lightweight. It is reviewed 4.7 rating and it will be the best mouse pad for gaming.

7. HyperX FuryS gaming mousepad

The hyper X fury S is a mousepad for pro-players its amazing cloth surface optimises the precision of the mouse. Strongly stitched anti-fray edges improves durability. The surface doesn’t peel off. Its large surface area offers you a great room to play some times your mouse slips off from the pad and you experience extreme un comfortability. This mousepad ensures that your mouse doesn’t slip off from the gamepad. It is also available in a variety of sizes. If you want you can buy a large one if you want to fit a mouse and keyboard on it.

This mousepad is made of a superior fabric to ensure your comfortability. This product comes in great quality with a stable rubber bottom. It is easy to use and clean and washable if you spill anything on it. It is also available in a great graphics but prices may vary. If you need a simple one just go for black or white design.

8.VicTsing gaming mouse pad

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We have already seen this company’s product in the above gamepads. But this one comes in a curved shape with a gel pad on its lower surface. You can rest your hand on this gel pad while you are gaming or working. It relieves the pressure and fatigue of the wrist. This is an Ergonomic gaming mousepad with lycra cloth on its top surface which gives extreme comfort to us. The non-slip PU rubbered base prevents it from unwanted sliding over the desk. This mousepad supports your wrist and keeps it away from mouse hand.

Another feature you already knew that curved mousepad in the shape of a hand gives you much space while you are dragging the mouse over the mousepad. It is a non-toxic, germ-free, soft, environmentally friendly mouse pad you could ever see.

9. HyperX FuryS echo fox edition gaming mousepad

The hyper X FuryS echo fox edition is similar to that of the normal one. It is stitched with seamless anti-fray edges. Unlike that of the normal one, this mousepad is densely woven to optimise the precision of the mouse. There exists a natural rubber textured underside which makes the mousepad stable. It is available in a variety of sizes.

 This mousepad is made with an accurate flat surface which does not stop your mouse when you are moving it. This mousepad is available in different sizes which fits to your needs.

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