MSI GT73VR TITAN PRO-1005 Hardcore Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GT73VR TITAN PRO-1005 Hardcore Gaming Laptop Review


  • Cooling is phenomenal. The bulky size of the Titan Pro-1005 is reportedly due to MSI wanting to design a gaming laptop with an extremely effective cooling solution. The dual-fans, one on each side to cool the CPU and GPU separately, along with a multitude of vents, intakes, heat-sinks and heat pipes, serve admirably in their roles, allowing the Titan Pro-1005’s components to perform excellently at moderate temps.
  • Excellent, high-end performance and a gorgeous screen. First person shooter fans in particular will appreciate this laptop’s ability to not only crank out graphics set to ultra but to handle such heavy loads with a silky smooth, ultra-fast framerate displayed in full glory upon this setup’s 1080p, 120 Hz, G-Sync enabled panel.
  • Plenty of options. Despite being surrounded in vents and intakes, the Titan Pro-1005 manages to include a plethora of ports. Included are five USB 3.0 slots, as well as slots for Thunderbolt 3 and HDMI 2.0. This setup also features four 3.5mm audio jacks, enabling 6-channel analog audio capabilities.
  • Is VR ready. As one might have guessed when looking at the name of this laptop, it fully supports any VR setup or software currently on the market.


  • Battery performs poorly. The battery on this product is extremely limited, understandably though it may be when considering what’s running inside this beast. In point of fact, the battery is almost useless except for moving the thing around briefly. The analogy offered above that this laptop is a small, powerful and portable desktop comes in handy here, as anyone who purchases this setup can basically expect to be tethered to a power source when using it for any kind of gaming.
  • Portable functionality is missing. In line with the drawback regarding the Titan Pro-1005’s battery life, don’t expect to game on the go with this setup. Bringing it with you to a friend’s house or packing it away from a long trip is far easier than doing the same with an actual desktop PC, but don’t expect much more portability than that from this gaming rig. To safely transport it, it is even advised to acquire or repurpose a small piece of luggage for lugging it between destinations. To emphasize the size and weight of this laptop, the power brick weighs almost as much as some laptops do.
  • Unattractive case. Although aesthetics are of course subjective, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that the stereotypical “gamer” style of design that MSI saw fit to add to this laptop is not attractive. Far from a deal breaker for many, of course, but something that unnecessarily reduces, ever so slightly, from the pleasure of owning this computer.


This gaming rig excels in many respects, such as in what are truly market-leading capabilities for a comparable laptop, or even a higher-end desktop for that matter. And, of course, enough can’t be said about the star of the Titan Pro-1005, its awesome 17.3″ screen.

MSI went way out of their way to create a portable gaming rig that features extremely effective cooling capabilities, a feature that has been woefully missing from many gaming laptops. While they most certainly succeeded in this goal, the product is big and rather clunky as a result. If you’re searching for a truly portable gaming system that you can use while on the go, this laptop’s clunky form, large size and poor battery life make it a poor choice for you.

The Titan Pro-1005 can match, in terms of horsepower, some of the most powerful single-GPU desktop PCs available today while being far more portable. This is an impressive feat from MSI. Additionally, consider that the cooling system, especially when the fans are toggled to max speed, allows for abundant tinkering and overclocking possibilities.

MSI’s GT73VR Titan Pro is a beast of a machine. Even though it is marketed as a laptop, it is a sort of hybrid between a higher-end desktop PC and a true laptop for gaming. As was hopefully shown, this is not at all a bad thing, except in that the price point of this setup is definitely out of reach for many gamers. For those with the funds, though, the superior cooling of the Titan Pro means its parts won’t wear out too soon, meaning plenty of value and fun for your big investment.

If you are going to get a gaming laptop, it should be a good one that also fits your budget and desires. While below you will find some important information, pros and cons with the MSI GT73VR Titan Pro gaming laptop, this rig is at its core an extremely powerful one with a beautiful screen that will raise playing your favorite games to another level of enjoyment.

The MSI GT73VR Titan Pro will likely please someone with a big budget and who wants a portable gaming PC that can easily and smoothly power through any of the most resource chugging video games on the market, now and well into the foreseeable future. Read on to get a better idea as to the advantages and drawbacks of this PC and whether it is the right option for you.

The MSI GT73VR Titan Pro-1005 

Taiwan-based MSI is famous for confusing consumers with their naming conventions for their products. Reviewed here is the updated 1005 variant of the MSI GT73VR Titan Pro, which first went on sale in 2016.

Though based on a year-old device, the Titan Pro-1005 remains an exciting and impressive gaming machine. It packs into its huge chassis (more on this below) the most powerful graphics card currently on the market, Nvidia’s GTX 1080. The other side of the chassis is where you’ll find another impressive performer, Intel’s most recent (7th) generation chipset, in the form of an i7-7700 CPU that can max out at 3.8 GHz.

When looking at this laptop in person, it becomes quite clear how large it is. Measuring in at 12.3 x 16.8 x 1.7 in., the Titan Pro-1005 is effectively a very small, lightweight and easily transportable desktop, albeit one with an integrated 17.3″, 1080p screen that boasts a 120Hz refresh rate governed by Nvidia’s G-Sync technology.

Every cubic centimeter inside the Titan Pro-1005 laptop, and there are a lot of them, is well utilized. A very important feature is this setup’s highly effective dual fan cooling system. When playing games that guzzle up significant resources, producing extreme temps, it maintains adequate cooling through the use of the two fans and several heat-sinks and an array of large intakes and vents in the sides, back and bottom of the chassis. If you’re looking to overclock your GPU and/or CPU, users can toggle a switch that turns both fans on to their max setting, causing internal temperatures to drop an additional 10 to 15 degrees at the cost of some serious fan noise. (Cheap, off-the-shelf cooling pads for any laptop are a good idea for further overclocking opportunities, plus this will prolong the computer’s service life.)

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