Philips BDM40650UC 43-Inch 4K Monitor Review


  • Cost: One would expect that given the size and the components, the price of this monitor has to be a four-digit number. In reality, it is more affordable than most small sized alternatives with the same or even inferior features.
  • Multiple input options: Philips BDM40650UC comes with the PbP (Picture by Picture ) feature which allows viewing of four different systems on one screen. It comes in handy for use in control rooms. The other feature is PiP, Picture in Picture, feature which allows two different input screens at the same time.
  • Futuristic features: Except for the VGA, the feature present in the Philips BDM40650UC monitor will not be obsolete for a while. The USB 3.0 technology is still developing, HDMI 2.0 is the latest and IPS screen panel is currently the top brass. You can buy the monitor confident that its technology will still be relevant for the next five years.


  • Poor ergonomics: Monitor ergonomics safeguards your neck and spine from the effects wrong postures. Adjustable monitors make it easy to change postures during a long gaming spree. Unfortunately, this large sized monitor provides no adjustment features.
  • Size: If you are planning to use the 43-inch monitor on a desk then you will have to find a custom-made table or forego your entire space. While this is not a disadvantage per se, it is an issue worth considering before buying this gaming monitor.


The Philips BDM40650UC 43-Inch 4K Monitor proves to be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of a good number of them. Gamers, photographers, designers, and movie fans will find the monitor worth investing in. Furthermore, it costs less than other 4K monitors with similar features, but smaller screen sizes do.

Philips has made a noticeable entrance into the monitor’s category. Its monitors are not only huge but also offer quality for the investment.

Philips’ first 43-inch 4k monitor was the BDM4065UC. However, it did not make it to the best 4k monitors’ list due to its poor panel choice, the VA. Vertical Alignment panels, like their TN counterparts, have limited viewing angles. This has proved to be a turn off for gamers who are not willing to pay less for sacrificed image quality.

Philips has made up for the mistake by introducing the same monitor but this time, with an in-plane switching, IPS panel. The result is another huge monitor, the 43-inch BDM40650UC.The review below reveals if this behemoth-sized 4K gaming monitor has something other than the size to offer.


The Philips BDM40650UC comes with a glossy screen coated with a mild anti-glare to reduce reflections. The bezel is thin on the sides and the top part but thickens at the base of the display. The sleek design is completed with a silver rim that does not affect the size measurements, not to mention the LED strip in the logo.

The back of the panel is the ubiquitous matte black plastic casing. It houses the OSD joystick, Zero Watt power switch, AC power input and several input/output ports. The monitor also has an internal power converter.

The monitor’s stand still has the design flaws of Philips’ TV stands. It is a basic metal frame with no ergonomic features such as tilt adjustments. However, the BDM40650UC is VESA compatible, so you can save your back and neck by mounting the monitor on a wall. Mounting the large screen on the wall will also spare you some desk space.

Peripherals and connectivity

The 4K gaming monitor has several port and inputs. They include two HDMI with MHL ports, two DP 1.2 ports, a 3.5mm audio input, and a headphone jack of the same size. Philips BDM40650UC pays homage to the input technologies of the past era by having a VGA input port. Some will no doubt buy the gaming monitor because of the VGA,

Even, more, the monitor comes with 5 USB 3.0 ports. Three of the ports are downstream, one upstream and the remaining one is for superfast charging. No monitor producer has been so generous with the USB ports so far.

The most notable peripheral offered that comes with the Philips BDM40650UC are its two seven watts speakers. They offer quality audio, which allows you to watch a movie under moderate volume. However, audiophiles will not have much with these and have to add external speakers.


The 43 inches wide display offers vivid color discrimination with a resolution that is four times that of a full high definition display. It also comes with the innovative 10-bit IPS technology panel. It supports over 1 billion colors and a dynamic contrast of 50,000,000:1. 1200:1 static contrast is also good enough.

Philips adds the Smart Uniformity feature to its display properties. The feature eliminates color and brightness fluctuations hence delivering accurate image details and crisp pictures. Smart Uniformity mode delivers a color accuracy of more than 95%.

Gaming Performance

The Philips BDM40650UC is the best option for those looking for a monitor to use for photography, CAD-CAM design, and gaming. Its 3840×2160 resolution and the 10-bit IPS panel guarantees a premium color and image production.

In spite of its numerous abilities, Philips BDM40650UC stands out as a monitor designed for gamers. The 5ms response time is a feature only gamers can fully appreciate. It is not the fastest but close to it and works perfectly well with fast-paced games.

The other feature that shows the intended client of the gigantic Philips monitor is its NVidia’s G-sync. It matches the monitor’s refresh rates with that of the graphics card being used. It eliminates tearing and stuttering during a graphics intensive gaming. However, this feature will only be helpful to those with NVidia graphics card.

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