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Best Pink Gaming Headsets For Girls Reviews 2020

Feminism has affected every aspect of today’s life and gaming is no different. With “Gamer Girls” like SSSniperwolf, iHasCupquake, LDShadowLady and many more breaking onto the scene, the female representation in gaming is increasing by the day. Thousands of girls are being inspired to take up gaming, which was earlier considered a boys’ thing, as a serious profession.

With rising trend of Girl Gamers, there is also increasing demand for gaming accessories for them. Some of the most common feminized gaming products are Pink Headphones. A crucial and basic accessory for any gamer, these are painted in Pink, which is traditionally labelled as a “Girl’s Colour” and are used to demonstrate Girl Power and send a message across to the people who think girls cannot find success in this field which is highly dominated by boys. If you are such a girl and want to get in on the action.

we have compiled a list of the best pink gaming headsets for girls out there

1. Nivava K6 Gaming Headset

First, we take a look at the Nivava K6 Gaming Headset. It impresses in the looks department with its design which is simplistic, yet looks very stylish. It is made up of glossy plastic and has LED lights on the outsides of the earcups which has become a standard for gaming headsets these days. It is also very comfortable as it comes with an adjustable headband to fit heads of all shapes and sizes. The earmuffs are made from soft Vinyl material to ensure the maximum level of comfort. The inner part of the headband also contains a cushion to make it a viable option for long durations of use. The microphone is situated on the left earcup and can be retracted 90 degrees to rest vertically along the length of the headband.

It impresses in the performance department too as its 50 mm magnetic neodymium drivers deliver powerful sounds. They create a world in audio and make you feel like you are living the game. The microphone picks up sound from 360 degrees and help in clear communication with your fellow teammates. It also has an in-built noise isolation feature which only picks up the necessary sounds and blocks out all the others which ensure proper and effective communication to thwart the enemy team and dominate the round. It has an attached cord with a USB port for the LED and two 3.5 mm coloured audio jacks colours green and red for sound and microphone respectively. They are compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and also Playstation Computer.


2. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

It works with Xbox One, PC and PS4. This makes it a very efficient and cost effective headphone to use for gaming. It is a wired product with a 49-inch long cord attached to it. This cord is braided and which gives it substantial tensile strength. It also contains an in-line remote which allows you to control the volume as well as mute the microphone without taking too much trouble. The braids also make the cord thicker than usual, preventing them from tangling which is a far-too-common problem with headphone wires. LED lights make the atmosphere serene and competitive for gaming. The inner pads are made out of protein leather which is very soft on the skin and suitable for use for long durations of time. The adjustable headband and the cushioned inner part of it also adds to the comfort of the product. The microphone is adjustable and can be slid back onto the left earcup when not in use.

The performance exceeds expectations, especially considering the price point. Powered with 40 mm drivers, it provides great sound output with rich bass. However, it also pays attention to the subtler side of things which is a must for gaming headphones as every good gamer know that listening for footsteps of approaching enemies saves your life more often than not. The G900 does not disappoint in this regard as you can hear even the soft noises pretty clearly on it. The microphone is astonishingly sensitive which makes communication with other players very easy. You do not have to raise your voice to be heard on the other side. However, this feature is not all good, especially for the person on the receiving end. The extremely high sensitivity means that they can hear everything that is going on around the mic, including the infamous roaring of the fan. The earcups are also a bit small which resemble an on-ear build than the advertised over-ear one.


3. SOMIC G951s Pink Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic

Along with the rise of feminine gamers, the trend of cat ears has also skyrocketed in the past few years. With everyone from Elon Musk to PewDiePie getting involved, it has become a sensation with the internet. Our next product gives you a little piece of the action as it comes with two little detachable flaps shaped like the ears of a cat. They can be placed on the headband to give the impression of feline ears protruding out of your skull and can be removed when they are not required.

These headphones do not have LEDs. Rather, they have an “open-back” structure which basically means that the back of the earcups are not covered and you get a sneak-peak into the drivers that produce its sound. This gives an impression of the audio being played openly in the room rather than being blasted right into your ears. However, this means that the audio will leak out into the surroundings and may get mixed with other sounds. The cushioning provided is soft and comfortable. The headband is made almost completely out of elastic with a bigger, sturdier headband keeping it within limits. The microphone is immovable, if not a little bit flimsy-looking.

The headphones are powered by 40 mm drivers which give optimum sound quality. Along with the normal PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, it is also compatible with Mobile Phones. The mic can pick up audio from all directions which goes a long way in easy communication. With its 3.5 mm AUX cable, it can be used by a variety of platforms. It also comes with an in-line remote which helps you to change the volume or turn off the mic during usage.


4. BUTFULAKE Stereo Gaming Headset

Next up is the BUTFULAKE Stereo Gaming Headset. In stark contrast to the extravagant designs we have in this line-up for you today, this one is a simple and minimalistic design that you may find on any set of headphones. They have a completely monotonous look with even the ear cushions dyed pink. These earcups, however, are very soft and are made up of protein leather to keep you comfortable all throughout your gaming session. They can also be adjusted 15 degrees up or down so that you find the most comfortable fit. The headband is also adjustable and comfortable padding which eliminates any kind of pain. The microphone can be folded when it is not in use.

However, do not get fooled by the simplistic appearance of these headphones as when it comes to performance, they leave no stone unturned. They are powered by 50 mm drivers which make you feel like you are in the shoes of your gaming character. It comes with surround sound which means that you can feel the rattle of every explosion right in your bones as well as hear the subtle footsteps of an enemy trying to sneak up on you. Its HD mic has passive noise isolation which helps a lot in transmitting your voice clearly to your teammates to form a winning battle plan. The in-line remote is a very handy as it has a sliding button to mute/unmute the microphone. However, some people might find it a bit heavy.


5. SADES SPIRIT SA721 Pink Gaming Headset

Next in is the SADES SPIRIT SA721. This product is a quite basic one as it offers nothing special in the looks department. It is plain pink with a bulge on either side. The earmuffs are made out of memory foam protein material which will make your gaming sessions comfortable. The retractable microphone sticks out from the left side and rests right in front of your mouth. The headband is adjustable and is amply padded to make sure there is no pressure on your head.

However, this is no indication of its performance as its 50 mm drivers deliver premium sound quality and help identify the location of your enemies easily. It offers surround sound which translates to an immersive gaming experience. The microphone can pick up the audio from any angle and makes sure that only the necessary sound gets to the other side without any disturbances. It is compatible with PS4, Xbox One and PC. Although it does not look very fancy, it is a solid product and at par with all the rest in this line-up.


6. SUPSOO 7.1 Stereo Gaming Headset

This one looks very much like a professional gaming headset and by all means, it is. It has huge earmuffs which engulf your ears and their superior protein leather pads allow you to game without any pain or irritation to your ears. The headband is also very comfortable as it is made of elastic and stretches itself to fit the size of your head. The microphone can also be moved to find the place where it would work without causing any discomfort or distraction. It also comes with a remote along its high-quality USB cord which can be used to lower to increase the volume. There is also another volume adjustment device on the left side of the headset which increases the convenience of usage.

The headphone is powered by 50 mm neodymium drivers that provide incredible sound output and deliver punchy bass. They create a 3-D world around you in which you can identify and locate each and every sound that you hear. These headphones are also pretty great for listening to music as they have a great sound. The microphone blocks out unwanted sounds and only delivers your voice to your teammates loud and clear. If you do not want to use it, there is a mute button present right on the mic. 


7. Razer Kraken Pro V2 Gaming Headset

We have kept the best for the last as we come to which is definitely the most well-known name in this line-up, Razer. This is a company which has built up quite a bit of respect for itself in the gaming accessories market by constantly providing top-notch products to its users. You might recognize these headphones at first glance as they are used by PewDiePie himself. They are proper “over-ear” headphones as their earmuffs completely cover your ears. The headband is soft and has the Razer branding on the top side. It is made out of Bauxite Aluminium that provides quality as well as durability. As it does not have any flashing or bright LED lights, it is very easy on the eyes and comfortable. They come in the previously-mentioned “open back” design with the company’s logo printed on the outside of the ear cups which gives it a classy look. The microphone is retractable and slides right back into the body of the headphones. 

The headset packs 50 mm powerful drivers which are customized by Razer to provide an immersive experience and makes it easier to lose yourself in the action. The microphone can pick up sound from any direction which makes it easier to speak without having to adjust it every now and then. It comes with an in-line remote which can be used to change volume or mute the mic completely. However, these are stereo headphones and provide excellent bass response. This means that it is a bit difficult to ascertain the location from where the sound is coming, which makes it a bit difficult to play games where directional awareness is of prime importance. The price point is also a bit high but it definitely is worth the few extra bucks.


8. Onikuma K5 Gaming Headset

No products found.

This product looks like a pretty generic gaming headset, if not a bit too much so. This extra look also makes it heavy as it weighs almost 350 grams. It has LED lights on either side of the earcups, which create a gaming atmosphere. The microphone sticks out from the left side and can be rotated 120 degrees to be stowed away when not in use. The headband is adjustable and has cushions on the interior which provide comfort and reduce pain to the top of the head. The earcups allow for movement in all directions, hence ensuring optimum comfort. The soft protein memory foam also adds to this dimension. However, they seem to heat up quickly and need time to cool down which can be done between rounds of video games. 

For the price that they are available, the sound quality is quite impressive as they make use of 50 mm drivers to generate great output. Its surround sound technology allows you to accurately pinpoint the location of the enemy around you just by listening to their footsteps. The microphone also follows the same trends as it blocks out static and other background noises to clearly deliver your voice to other players. These headphones are compatible with PS4, Xbox One and also Mobile Phones.


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