Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop Review

Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop Review


  • Graphics card. The Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop has NVidia’s top performing graphics card, which has been installed on a very slim laptop that can either be used for gaming or design work.
  • Easy and comfortable. Its 4K resolution touchscreen, mechanical keyboard, and superb design work make it easy and comfortable to use. You will derive pleasure from using this gaming machine.


  • Keyboard. Its mechanical keyboard is loud and produces a click sound with every button you hit.
  • Trackpad. Placement of trackpad to the right side is a misstep that is bound to create a lot of confusion before one can become accustomed to using the machine.
  • Loud fans. The power supply and the laptop can get very hot due to continuous use. Additionally, its loud fans will start blowing immediately you boot up any game.


The Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop delivers performance, audio, and visual improvements over all the other versions. It makes for an excellent gaming laptop that can be used either for high powered design or editing work, as well as gaming-related activities. Even though it is not a big upgrade from its previous version, it is probably the best 17-inch laptop on the market today.

It is slimmer than all other models and comes with a bonus in the form of a 4K resolution display that provides for seamless, fast action. The fact that it easily overheats means that it is not exactly portable, but is ideal for those that like to work from a fixed location. The bottom line is that graphics pros and gamers will love its performance and sound clarity.

Whether you are a pro gamer, video/photo editor, or a graphic designer, you need the right tools to complete your job: and the Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop is that tool.

It is ideal for any job that requires top graphics performance, which is delivered through its amazingly designed 17.3-inch screen that also comes with a 4K resolution display.

With this machine, what you see is what you will get. It does not come with the option to downgrade the graphics card. Additionally, you cannot switch to a full HD matte like display. But what you will be getting will be pretty amazing.

Built with Gamers in Mind

The Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop’s keyboard makes use of ultra-low profile mechanized switches. This, according to Razer, is a first in the world. The mechanized switches are meant to provide you with a click like the response that comes with having a full sized keyboard. The keyboard has a mobile design, and you may need to exert some extra pressure on the keys than you would normally do when gaming.

You will find that these keys are quite loud. They also feel smaller than a normal keyboard. However, you should be able to use them with ease after a while. You may also need some time before you can get used to the trackpad.

It has an exceptional glass-like trackpad that provides a very smooth, and responsive performance for your gaming needs. Additionally, there is a scroll wheel above the trackpad whose main role is to adjust the volume levels when gaming or when listening to media using the machine.

Its positioning may, however, prove bothersome at first. It is positioned on the right side of your keyboard. You, may, therefore have to flex your memory muscles once in a while, particularly if you are used to finding it below the keyboard. According to Razer, the positioning is meant to mimic the setups associated with desktops, where the mouse is found on the right side.

Big, Stunning Display

Pro gamers tend to spend a large percentage of their days gaming. As such, you will not want to keep squinting at a small screen. The Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop delivers that, as far as display is concerned.

It has a large 17.3-inch touch screen enabled display. Its 4K resolution is capable of producing sharp fine details without compromising on the colors.

Additionally, it comes with NVidias’ G-sync technology. This technology completely does away with tearing. It achieves this by syncing your screen restoration rates with that of your GPU to provide an amazing difference that makes fast action look very smooth.


The performance provided by the Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop is worth paying for. Its system does not appear to struggle even when you are playing demanding games that calls for the highest 4K resolution rate.

Even if you choose to drop the resolution rate to full HD, you will still receive playable frame rates provided you’ve adjusted the settings to ultra-level.

It is worth to note that engaging anything that requires the use of the graphics cards means that the system fans will be started automatically. The fans are loud and very clear. It is something that is to be expected given that the laptop is quite thin. However, the loudness of these fans does not mean that it will in any way be less distracting.

Your options will be to either crank up your system speakers or get yourself a pair of quality gaming headsets. Cranking up the speakers helps in drowning out the noise produced by the fans. The laptop is bound to become very hot with continuous use, despite the fact that it does have a factory installed cooling system.

Basically, you should not place it on your lap as its 250-watt power supply also tends to become very hot. Be sure to confirm that there is nothing blocking the fans and small vents that are located at the bottom.


Apart from helping you program the special effects and keyboard color, Synapse also makes it possible for you to track all your keystrokes or create macros.

Given the fact that the Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop is overlocked, Synapse now comes with a performance control feature, which makes it possible for you to switch from Performance Optimization meant to increase your CPU lock speed and Balanced Settings, which provide for optimized battery consumption.

Additionally, you can now alter the speed of the system fans. Their main speeds are low, high, and auto. The fact that synapse uses cloud-based storage means that you will be able to use your settings with any Razer device. You no longer have to begin from scratch every time you change your gaming machine.

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