Samsung CHG90 Series Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor Review

Samsung CHG90 Series Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor Review


  • Seamless multi-tasking. Its size is equivalent to two 16:9 monitors that have been placed side by side. It’s 32:9-inch ultra-wide screen makes it easy for you to multitask with ease. You can forget about having a multi-monitor setup when you have this screen on your desk.
  • Light up your gaming experience. The Samsung CHG90 has an audio-aligned arena lighting at the back of each monitor. The lighting contributes to the thrill of gaming with this monitor as it becomes brighter every time the gaming sounds become louder. It basically elevates the intensity of your gaming moments.
  • HDR. Impressive HDR
  • Gaming experience. Great all round gaming performance


  • Pricey. It has a heady asking price, even for a 4K display monitor of its size
  • Resolution. The resolution is a bit low for a monitor with its vast size
  • Size. It may appear impractically massive when placed on an ordinary desk


The Samsung CHG90 Series Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor has completely nailed its sphere of activity as being a convenient and spectacular way of having two monitors in a single setup.

It is wide enough and comes with all the features and connections you would need to get the most out of such a massive screen.

The fact that it offers an extreme gaming experience means it can perform as an HDR, and the fact that it provides great image quality means that it is as compelling as ever.

If you can overcome its low resolution, then it means that you would have an excellent multitasking and gaming machine perfect for all kinds of games.

But you need to keep in mind that a better resolution would require you to have multiple connections. It would also greatly limit you in terms of the refresh rate.

All in all, the low resolution should not be a deal breaker as its overall display is tempting on its own.

If you like having a good gaming experience, then you should really consider getting this feature-packed, stylish monitor that comes with excellent image quality for all types of games.

The widespread use of LCD technology has led to the emergence of a blurred line between televisions and monitors. The only difference between the two currently lies on whether the device in question has a tuner and its overall size. It is something that makes sense when it comes to various applications.

For instance, no one wants to edit or work on a spreadsheet in a 49-inch, 4K television or monitor. It sounds like a real nightmare having to deal with a visual field that has become fully occupied with work-related stuff.

But when it comes to gaming, then this kind of display may be just what you need to have your dream gaming station.

The Samsung CHG90 Curved 49-inch monitor has specifically been designed for people who like the idea of having a big screen television set as a gaming monitor.

What separates it from the other monitors you may have encountered is its aspect ratio and unique display.

The display is one of a kind.

Availability and Price

The monitor has been relatively priced for a 4K television set. It comes with a well-designed panel that is probably something you haven’t encountered before.

It is currently considered to be one of the biggest monitors available on the market.

It comes with a 3840*1080 resolution that perfectly splits it into two full-sized 16:9 HD displays. Actually, you can think of the CHG90 as two monitors provided at the price of a single 4K monitor.

Additionally, it contains HDR colors, accompanied by a refresh rate of 144Hz. The refresh rate makes it one of the best full HD monitors in the gaming market today.


The Samsung CHG90 Series Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor design is one that is very hard to miss.

Its massive 47.36 inches wings span lends it a presence that is very intimidating. If you are sitting right at the center of your monitor, you kind of get the feeling that the monitor will wrap itself around your body.

It comes with an aspect ratio of 32:9, which is not only overwhelming but one that appears cartoonish.

It is not possible for you to view the whole monitor in a single glance. The reason being that you do not have a wide enough vision field.

In addition, your normal desk will most likely be unable to handle the wide display nature of the Samsung CHG90 series. The sides will most likely end up hovering on the desk sides. It is recommended that you confirm that your desk will actually be big enough for it to accommodate the big nature of the monitors stands.

Apart from its really overwhelming size, Samsung chose to go with a design that is, to say the least, a bit understated. This monitor comes with a design that is simple but highly functional. Its simplistic design means that it can easily fit in any type of office environment.

Even though its styling may be seen to be bland by some people, it helps it stand out from all its competitors.


Regardless of how absurd this monitor might appear, you will most likely start grinning like a complete idiot once you are done setting it up.

The 49-inch wide monitor appears absurd when on a desk, but there is something magical about it, especially when you sit in front of it for the very first time. The QLED from Samsung means that all colors will be richly presented.

Representation is done without them being blown over the top. Your black colors will appear as dark as your everyday black night sky. The refresh rate means that your gaming experience will be taken to the next level.

You can expect games like Mass Effect Andromeda and Battlefield One to look really great on this monitor.

It will be hard not to appreciate all the real estate that has been afforded to you by the Samsung CHG90 series curved 49-inch monitor.

You do not have to worry about opening too many applications at the same time as the monitor can easily handle all these at a go without eating into your processing power. If you like multi-tasking, then this monitor is perfect for you.

It also comes with a number of settings that you can use to adjust the contrast and brightness settings. An options panel is also available that can be used to adjust the QLED color balance. You can play around with this color panel until you find settings that work favorably for you. Its main advantage lies in its inbuilt software.

The software makes it possible to break up the single display to form several sub-displays. This means that you can easily move your head around. All you need to do is click on a particular part of the display, and they will be formed in that location.

For those who like to use them in an office setting, the ability to easily and quickly lay the various windows to form a grid pattern definitely has a huge implication. Everything you require to have a great gaming or working experience gets easily laid out in front of you.

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