SOMIC G941 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset Review

SOMIC G941 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset Review


  • Sound quality. The SOMIC G941 7.1 virtual surround sound gaming headset comes with a range of advantages. The first advantage is the quality of sound that the headset delivers. The virtual surround effect ensures there is high quality sound in terms of clarity during gameplay.
  • Comfortable. The headset is also very comfortable to wear. This is attributed to the fact that it features soft earpads or the protein muffs that enhances comfort when playing. This comes in handy if you are a heavy gamer.
  • Control. It is also easy to control things such as volume and on or off switching of the headset or the microphone. This is made possible by the on-cord multifunctional controller. The controls also offer various sound levels that are excellent for gaming.
  • Microphone. The microphone’s omnidirectionality enhances communication during gameplay. This is because you can easily move it to any position you prefer when playing to be able to communicate better.
  • Bass. The vibration effect enhances the gaming experience. The ability of the headset to increase the bass when there are sirens, gunfire, or explosions makes the game more engaging and creates an almost-real gaming environment.
  • Price. This gaming headset is also price-friendly. With all the features it has, you will get value for your money.


    This gaming headset also comes with a few drawbacks. However, most of these cons vary across users so you it is possible that you might not have such experience with yours.

  • Size. The headset may fee slightly uncomfortable especially for kids because it may become loose and start wobbling on their heads.
  • Sound card. While the sound quality is excellent, some people may find it not loud enough. However, this will in most cases apply to heavy gamers who prefer extremely loud sound. Fortunately, using a better sound card can be a quick fix to this issue.
  • Button layout. You might also have some slight inconsistency in the buttons. This is in regards to the LED indicators. The light may still be on even when the mic off. However, switching USB ports should fix this problem.


SOMIC is known for its experience and expertise in producing high-quality gaming headphones. The types of technology used in developing these gaming headphones is among the top aspects that makes this company excellent in its field. The SOMIC G941 7.1 virtual surround sound gaming headset is one of the top-notch headphones produced by the SOMIC company. These headphones are built with top-notch technologies and features designed to enhance the gaming experience of the users. Sound plays a crucial role in gaming and this headset is designed to offer quality sound through features such as the surround sound effect and the vibration effect. Based on the features, pros and cons of this headset, it would be the ideal product to add to your gaming accessories. Overall, this gaming headset can be rated at 4 based on the quality of sound and the comfort of the earpads.

Physical Specifications: The SOMIC G941 gaming headset is compatible with a range of devices that have a  USB port such as PCs, laptops, and PS4s. It weighs about 0.85 pounds. This lightweight property means it’s convenient to carry. Besides, it will feel less tiring on your head especially during prolonged game sessions. The shipping weight of this headset is 1.5 pounds so if you are buying from an online retailer or wholesaler, consider viewing shipping rates as well as policies regarding weight. The dimensions of this product are about 9.2 x 10.2 x 4.3 inches.

Technical Specifications: The SOMIC G941 gaming headset has a driver diameter of 40mm and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz with an impedance of 32 ohms. Sensitivity of this headset is 105db+/-3dB (at 1kHz). The headset features an omnidirectional microphone pickup pattern. The microphone itself has an impedance of 2.1 kohm and a sensitivity of 36dB+/-3dB (at 1kHz). This headset uses wired connectivity.

Highlight Features: The headset comes with a range of highlight or key features. The first feature is the 7.1 virtual sound effect. This virtual surround sound is designed to produce real, crisp, and clear sound quality. It does so by reflecting the in-game environment with a high degree of accuracy as well as clarity. Sounds play a critical role in gaming and this virtual surround sound effect can enable you to forestall or pinpoint your enemies much easier. That is, with the 360-degree sound field, you can easily and clearly hear detailed sounds in every direction, which means your reaction will be much faster.

The omnidirectional microphone is another highlight feature of the SOMIC G941 headset. You can easily swivel the boom arm of this high-sensitivity mic to your preferred position. Doing this allows for clear and better communication when gaming. To mute the mic, simply fold it up and it will mute automatically.

The in-line control is another key feature of this gaming headset. This multifunctional on-cord control is highly versatile and easy to control. Using the dial, you can adjust the volume switch as well as the mic and vibration switches to turn the mic or vibration on and off. The other significant feature on this gaming headset is the vibration unit. If your game involves gunfire, explosions, or strikes, the vibration unit will enhance the bass automatically. This improves your gaming experience through the vibrations and sound details delivered. This vibration technology works in the sense that if an enemy attacks you from your right side, the vibration intensity in the right ear increases.

The USB plug on the SOMIC G941 uses anti-interference technology. The external USB sound card delivers quality sound and transfers the sound signal stably. This USB sound card is made of oxygen-free copper material that has strong tensile strength, making it wear resistant. This headset requires lithium metal batteries.

The SOMIC G941 has a unique operating principle. Its intelligent vibration system makes it possible to analyze and arrange the low, middle, and high frequency sounds through the audio controller. The headset, however, does not have active noise cancelling. The product is white in color but is available in other colors too such as black. The package usually contains the wire gaming headset itself, a user manual, a USB cable, and a warranty card.

This headset features a dual beam headband that is designed to reduce wearing pressure. In addition, this floated headband automatically shapes to your head. The ear pads on this headset are also soft and don’t deform easily. This gaming headset comes with protein earmuffs for enhanced comfort during prolonged gaming sessions.  It also has LED indicators that give it a cool feature. The red LED light will stay on when the microphone is active so if you need to switch it (the mic) off, you can simply look at the light.

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