Best Thermal Pad for CPU

Best Thermal Pad for CPU, GPU, RAM, VRM, Laptop, Chipset & IC

Thermal pads are heat conductive pads that can be used in various parts of electronics mainly in PCs. In various parts of the PC there can be used heat sink paste or thermal paste. But it does not offer adhesivity. This thermal pad can be used between the heat sink and source of heat like processors, graphic cards, etc. it holds the source and sink together and conducts heat. Thermal paste offers similar functionality, It fills up air gaps between those and conducts heat more efficiently than air. Thermal pads are of so many types like made with graphite, silicon, etc. Silicon made pads are thin and conduct heat more efficiently. These pads are filled with an oily substance to conduct electricity.

Thermal pads generally used for CPU, GPU, RAM, VRM, Laptop, Chipset IC. Instead of using glue to stick those heat sinks use these heat pads to take off heat away from them. We reviewed so many products and listed out the top nine out of them. 

Top Thermal Pad for CPU, GPU, RAM, VRM, Laptop, Chipset & IC

1. ARCTIC Thermal Pad

The ARCTIC Thermal pad is suitable for all CPUs. If needed you can cut them into a certain size and use them. This Thermal pad conducts heat more efficiently than you think. If you are using this thermal pad, there is no need to worry about the overheating of your PC. This pad is a perfect gap filler and it does not conduct electricity, you need not worry about an electric shock. This pad offers safe handling and it is easy to apply. 

This pad is available in an attractive sky blue colour and with efficient thermal conductivity. This thermal pad is based on silicon and a special filler which shows an extraordinary performance. This special filler increases the thermal conductivity of the thermal pad to 6.0 W/Mk. Coming to the surface it is very smooth and foamy which ensures no damage when you apply it. You can use the movement you buy because it is easy and fast to apply.

2. A ADWITS Thermal conductive pads

The A ADWITS Thermal pads are made with thermal silica gel of thermal conductivity 6 W/Mk. This thermal pad offers great safety and stability with high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. This pad does not melt even at 200 degrees Celsius. Coming to its properties, it is water-resistant, anti-static, and buffering. This heat pad is non-toxic. It is child-safe even if they swallow it. It is odorless and it does not smell bad. It does not cause any damage to your metal materials. 

This thermal pad fits for all your electrical appliances. Depending on your requirements and choice, these thermal pads are available in so many different thicknesses. You will get nine thermal pads per packing, and all of them are filled with compound grease paste. This is also easy to use and just apply some pressure on that when you apply, for good contact between two surfaces.

3. SIXQJZML Soft Thermal conductive pads

The SIXQJZML thermal pads are made of soft silicone for CPU and GPU heatsinks. These pads are 15x15x1 mm soft thermal conductive pads that give no harm to us when we are applying it. It is made of heat conductive silicone which offers great cooling. This thermal pad comes in great quality and an attractive blue colour. Its thermal conductivity is about 1.2W/MK and the tensile strength is about 12kgf/cm. This thermal pad does not conduct electricity and its breakdown voltage is 4.5kv which is plenty enough to fit your electronics. 

This thermal pad is soft with a good malleability and very little viscosity which causes zero damage to your appliances. If you want, you can customize their dimensions to fit your needs. Currently, on Amazon, this product is available in tiny cut pieces in the shape of a square. These are good enough for smaller appliances like Arduino, Raspberry, etc.

4. Innovation cooling thermal pad

The innovation thermal pad is an alternative to thermal paste or grease. This is a graphite-based cooling thermal pad and that is why this thermal pad is grey in colour. This pad gives a top tier thermal performance and this IC graphite thermal pad offers a thermal conductivity of 35 w/Mk. This pad gives extraordinary durability and this pad contains dry fillings that contain no liquids. It does not break or tear off like any other thermal pads. This thermal pad keeps your PC safe up to 400 degrees Celcius Which probably our computer does not reach. 

It is made of modular solutions which means you do not have to wonder if you have applied more or less thermal paste. In using this thermal pad you need not apply thermal paste again. Wherever thermal paste is not reusable but these are reusable. These thermal pads can be reused on multiple builds without any loss in performance. As we already said that this is made of fully pure graphite, just ensure your PC is turned off when you are applying it. 

5. Wathai white colour thermal pads

The Wathai thermal pad comes in a hundred pieces that can be used for GPU or CPU PS3 PS2 cooling silicone pad. Your delivery package will include 100 pieces with the dimensions of 10 x 10 x 1 mm which are the thermally conductive pads. This thermal pad offers thermal conductivity about 1.5 w/m-k. These thermal pads are also available in white and attractive blue colours. If you are using a thermal paste switch to these thermal conductive pads which are the upgraded version of thermal grease paste. This thermal pad offers good thermal conductivity and with a soft and sticky surface. This thermal pad is an electrical insulator which ensures safe removal and safe installation

The thermal pads are in a soft and sticky nature that does not damage your electrical appliances. This thermal pad is made heating silicon material which in nature conducts heat more efficiently than you ever thought.

6.Wathai thermal pad

The Wathai thermal pad is a super cool efficient heat-conducting thermal pad. We already talked about this thermal pad but this is way different from that of the last one. a thermal pad is not available in pieces but this is available in a whole piece of dimensions 100 x 100 x 3 mm. Thermal pad can be used for CPU, GPU, IC, PS3, PS2, graphics card, high speed hard drive, memory module, micro heat pipe radiators, automobile engine control devices, communication hardware, laboratory equipment, and many other portable electronic devices and even also in Xbox. This is like a miniature version of the heat sink.

This thermal pad can also be called as an upgraded version of thermal grease paste. it is coming in great quality and with a good thermal conductivity. The thermal pad is also soft and a little bit sticky in which we can understand that it is safe and easy to use. If needed, we can cut this heat pad into different sizes fitting your own needs. This pad has a good thermal conductivity and very bad electrical conductivity proper please which does not damage any of your electrical appliances. This thermal pad is water-resistant, fire retardant and it doesn’t damage metal materials. This is the best thermal pad and can fill up all the air gaps.

7. AI AIKENUO  thermal Conductive pad 

The AI AIKENUOI is a large thermal pad that can fit in all your needs. This thermal pad offers about 6W/MK. This is an efficient thermal conductive pad with dimensions  200 X 200 X 1.5 mm. This Thermal pad can be used for laptop heat sink GPU CPU LED coolers and more. This is a perfect thermal pad to fill the contact surfaces without a gap. This heat pad improves heat transfer between the CPU motherboard module and the heat sink. This thermal pad offers good cooling of your electrical appliances and this is an electrical insulator that is safe to handle. This thermal pad can handle 200 degrees Celsius without melting or any damage. 

This thermal pad is also available in different thicknesses which fits all your needs. Apart from these, this pad is sticky. You can cut some and use it in all of your electrical appliances without using any sort of glue.

8. Thermal grizzly minus thermal pad

The thermal grizzly minus thermal pad comes in a single pad with dimensions of 120 x 20 mm. This thermal pad features a highly elastic and flexible surface area that can be applied without any damage to your electrical appliances or to your hand. This small thermal strip has ultra-high thermal capacity. This thermal pad comes in the colour of sandal this is minus pad 8 version of these thermal pads. This high-performance thermal pad can be used on various computer components. Note that this package only contains a single strip of thermal pad.

9. ZUPAIPA silicone thermal pad

The zupaipa thermal pad is a CPU thermal pad which is made of silicon. These silicone-based thermal pads conduct heat more efficiently than other thermal pads. This package contains one piece of CPU thermal pad with dimensions of 40 X 21 cm and weighs about 130 grams. This thermal pad has a thin transparent sheet that we can peel off and stick to anything. This thermal pad is white in colour and flexible. You can cut them into different sizes based on your needs and use them as you wish.

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