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Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (Pack of 2)
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There are many varieties of thermal pastes available in the market with each claiming to be the most efficient.  So it is always advisable to make a through survey of the various brands available and then choose the appropriate one.  Since each and every computer is built with different specifications and applications, an appropriate thermal paste product should be chosen. But first it is advisable to check if the CPU allows for the adjustments to be done as many manufacturers build it with tamper proof features.

Keeping these needs in view, the computers and their systems are manufactured and updated accordingly.  So in these times a new phrase has been coined called “overclocking”.

What is Over Clocking

Overclocking means making use of the computer at a higher speed than the one it was manufactured for.   However, this speed can be adjusted by setting a higher clock rate.  Or a multiplier can be set in the computer’s BIOS in order to make it run more operations per second.

This term is usually applied to a CPU or a GPU.   They need to perform more operations per second.  Literally speaking it is trying to squeeze out more work in a limited time from the computer.  Usually when computers are manufactured, they come at fixed rate of running speed.   So when adjustments are done to the speed it is called as overclocking.

Best Thermal Paste For Over Clocking

To suit the various settings of the CPU, today many different types of thermal pastes are available which are based of silicon, ceramic, metal or carbon.  Based on the market reports, the metal paste is the most preferred and it takes the crown.  Immediately below it is the ceramic thermal paste.  After that the silicon based thermal pastes which are nothing but ready to use reapplied thermal pads.   The reasons for selecting one of the different thermal paste bases could vary because of their pricing or cost effectiveness, the degree of temperature decreases and the versatility in its handling and application. To name a few of the varied thermal pasts available .

1. Arctic MX-4

Arctic MX-4

This is the first product which comes to mind while purchasing thermal pastes.  Because not only is its pricing economical at the same time it eliminates any settling time. Being carbon based, there is no metallic presence.

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2. Noctuid NT-H1

Next thermal paste which comes to mind while purchasing thermal pastes is the Noctuid NT-H1.  Feedback from over clocker’s state that that it is a good conductor of heat and the plus point is that it is ceramic based.

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3. Arctic Silver 5

Artic Silver

Just like the Noctuid  NT-H1, This thermal paste is also ceramic based non –capacitive thermal paste. However, as its name suggests, this thermal paste is made up of 99.9% micronized silver.  So this thermal paste needs to be applied with much precaution and precision so that it does not end up damaging other parts of the CPU Even though it is efficient in conducting the heat it needs a little bit more of settling time when compared with Arctic MX-4.

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4. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

This model of thermal paste is also ceramic based best non capacitive thermal paste. The plus point of this type of thermal paste is that it does not conduct electricity at all and the application and settling process is completed in not item at all. The minus point of this product is that it is very expensive when compared to similar products available in the market.

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5. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut

Thermal grizzly conductonaut

This type of thermal paste is the best option as it is a metal based liquid metal thermal compound, since it contains metals there is always a danger that it might react with other aluminum parts of the CPU and may cause staining or irreparable damage.  However, overclocking enthusiasts swear that this paste lowers temperatures by up to 10 degrees.

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When you overclock your computer, you are actually tampering or fiddling with it without the manufacturer’s permission.  In other words this will not only affect its warranty but you might end up damaging the computer and its internal parts. Sometimes reports say that the CPU might become unstable or even throw up incorrect results or the process might simply just restart.  Since none of the CPUs are identical, it is best to check the tolerance level of overclocking at regular times.

How To Choose Thermal Paste For Over Clocking

For over clocking enthusiasts, it is highly advised to always keep a thermal paste ready on hand.  Lots of websites selling electronic items also have these thermal pastes with facility for immediate delivery.  However, the one decided or chosen by you might not be in stock, so it is wise to always buy and keep it handy before the situation gets out of control. An important point to keep in mind is that since the CPU parts are delicate and also expensive, it is in the best interests of the user to get the thermal pastes application done by an experienced and qualified technician. In conclusion, even though overclocking is mostly done by gaming enthusiasts and other computer geeks, it is advisable not to tamper with the specifications of the computer.

Today man has become more and more dependent on computers.  Computers were once considered as an item owned only for the purpose of business or commercial use.  But today with the availability of technological programs in all fields, computers are now used in practically every activity.  So computers have become very synonymous not just for commercial use but for gaming and other uses as well. To suit every one’s needs from a top business executive to a home maker from a tech savvy engineer to a student, there is a right computer for everyone.   From making appointment calls, to reminders to even switching on the cooking oven everything today can be controlled by a computer program.  This means that the computer needs to be up and working all the time.   There is no rest period or cooling time.  Literally speaking, instead of human being on their toes all the time, in this modern age it is the computers which need to be up and running all the time and doing many process at the same time.

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