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Best Thermal Paste For PS4 Reviews 2020

The increasing features in the technology such as computer and laptops the systems CPU also gets heated soon. This heat may be not good for your system as well the life span of the processor. Heat management of the system is a serious problem as it may have to be done very carefully.  However, a great solution is there for this problem.

The thermal paste for ps4 is a very effective solution to control the heat of your ps4 system. This element is available in the fluid form which can be applied to your Ps4 processor to manage the heat and also cools your heated CPU.

As we know that not all thermal paste is best as they differ in performance, sustainability and efficiency. The thermal pastes have also been used for Intel processors which shows significant enhancement in the life span of it. The longevity of the paste is incredible a normal pc user does not have to worry about a heated PS4 as the thermal paste can stay for a long period of time. The paste can sustain even in higher temperatures.

Many of the times the main feature of a thermal paste is considered as its longevity and sometimes it is better to not consider this particular feature.  A wrong thermal paste can be harmful to powerful hardware as the temperature gets high the thermal paste cannot sustain which causes damage to the processor. The thermal paste which is efficient in dissipating the overheating may not have more longevity as it may have to be reapplied and changed very soon. Let’s see the forms in which thermal paste are available today for ps4.

Thermal Pastes Available For ps4 Reviews

1. Arctic MX-4

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The Arctic is a very popular thermal paste available in the world. Arctic thermal paste is highly reputed for its power and quality. It is considered as the number one thermal paste available till date. It is available at the best price and suitable for ps4.


It is perfect for ps4 as it contains metallic substances and you do not have to worry when it is spilt in the system. The paste is very soft and consistent so that it will cause only minor damage. The paste sustains for eight long years and it is available in the 0.64-ounce tube.


The smoothness of the paste makes it very easier to apply it. The simple design ejects the correct quantity when you squeeze the tube.

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2. Thermal grizzly conductonaut

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Thermal grizzly is yet another outstanding paste which is used for multipurpose. The one gram tube consists of a steady application. It has a long needle like a syringe which makes it very easier to apply it steadily. It can resist spilling of the paste and also very useful for ps4.


The thermal grizzly conductonaut can be used for eight applications. Basically, this paste is difficult to apply. You can squeeze out the exact amount of paste from the syringe.  The thermal conductivity of this paste is extremely high.


The installation of it may be complicated but the paste lasts for a long period. The paste is thicker which adds more power and strength.

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3. Noctua NT-H1

Noctua is the best thermal paste available of cooling pc. It is also very appropriate for ps4.The standards of this thermal paste are very high. The NT-H1 is a unique substance added to the thermal paste which makes it a top-notch paste.  The price of this thermal paste is very affordable and it is considered as the top one liquid metal paste.


It is perfect for aluminium coolers. It is known popularly for its non-corrodible feature. With each tube of it, you get 1.4ml of this paste. The expiry of this tube is two years so as soon it is over buy a new one.


The installation of it is very easy and you can get a wide spread of this paste. The pea method can be used to effortlessly apply this place for the ps4. This should not be applied too much as it may cause motherboard damages.

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4. Arctic silver 5 AS5

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (Pack of 2)
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Arctic silver 5 is a high density and more sustainable thermal paste for ps4. The as5 component is very special and unique as it contains 99.9 percentages of pure silver components which increase its reliability.


With micronized silver, the arctic silver also has ceramic components which make it very easy to apply. There is damage or risk when applying this paste.


There is no damage caused even when it is spilt. The paste is thin and very appropriate for the ps4 systems.

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Forms of thermal pastes

  • It is very important to choose a thermal paste which is suitable for your system. The correct thermal paste and the skill of applying it perfectly matters a lot. Many thermal pastes are available in the form of liquid metal which is efficient in dissipating the heat but not appropriate for an inexperienced person to apply it.  The thermal pastes which are in the form of liquid metal contains elements of metal and this may be an electrical conductive even if a drop is spilt it may destroy your systems motherboard and all the parts.
  • The ceramic thermal pastes are very safe to use. These are available in white and grey colour. The ceramic thermal paste is a combination of silicone substances and ceramic which can also be effortlessly applied by amateurs. The ceramic paste is non-conductive. It involves lesser risks and proves to be a great alternative for the liquid metal paste.

The thickness and the installation

The paste differs from each other as one may be very easy to apply and other very tough. Even a professional learns about the viscosity of the paste before applying it. This also includes squeezing the correct quantity of paste to apply. Basically, the thicker pastes can be very tough to apply and the thinner paste can be applied effortlessly. You can search for applying methods to perfectly apply different types of thermal paste.

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