7 Best Benq Zowie Gaming Mouse Reviews 2020

Every hardcore gamer knows that a mouse is one of the most crucial device in order to become a professional in gaming. While a normal mouse gets the work done, it is nothing compared to a gaming mouse. For example, in a normal mouse, the sensitivity of it is really less and you will experience that problem if you play first person shooter games with that mouse. While in a gaming mouse, the sensitivity of it is not too high but not too low. It is just perfect and if you don’t get adjusted to it, you can always adjust it in the settings to your comfort. The Zowie mice are one of the best in the market as it has been manufacturing these from many years. Now, this article helps you in finding the best mouse for you and which will perfectly suit your requirements. 

Top 7 Benq Zowie Gaming Mouse Reviews

1. BenQ Zowie EC1-A Ergonomic Gaming Mouse:

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The BenQ Zowie mouse comes in a pitch black colour with a red scroller. This gives the mouse an authentic look. But, this is not only looks. The mouse is fully equipped with ultra optical sensors which is a brand new technology. This enables the mouse to give accurate and precise movements and perfect sensitivity. Now imagine the edge you will have over other players. The mouse comes in n various shapes and sizes which is built to suit your comfort. This will In turn help you reach your potential in gaming and helps you in your professional career too. The size and shape which you pick will in turn maximise your comfort and will help you a big deal in first person shooter and many other multiplayer games. The mouse is built as a very sleek one and has a very sleek design. This gives you good looks and is very lightweight. It has a consistent feedback system which totally remove the trouble you have to undergo with double pressing the mouse. The rate of responsiveness of this mouse goes up to a whopping 1000 Hz, which is considered to be very high. And finally, there are no requirements and installation of drivers before plugging the mouse in. You just have to plug it and play away. 

2. BenQ Zowie S2 Symmetrical-Short Gaming Mouse:

The BenQ Zowie S2 mouse is one of the top selling mice. This is because the S series is very unique. The length of the mouse is very small to make the users comfortable in holding the mouse. This eliminates pains induced due to holding it, also gives you better and faster movement. This will certainly give you an edge over other players when you use this mouse. The mouse comes with symmetrical right hand grip for palm and grip claw usage. The mouse is given a perfect lift off distance which is neither too short nor too long. It is equipped with a 3360 optical sensor, which gives the mouse a faster and better movements. Even accurate aiming too. 

3. BenQ ZOWIE S2 DIVINA Pink  Gaming Mouse:

The BenQ ZWIR S2 gaming mouse is really unique as, unlike other mice, this mouse comes in a pink colour design. This makes it very unique and very attractive. The mouse is not only looks though. It comes with a 3360 fully equipped optical technology which enables the user to get a much more accurate movements and a hell lot of better responsivity. The mouse also has a symmetrical design developed in its grips as it gives much more comfort when you place your palms on the mouse. This in turn increases your efficiency and helps you reach your potential. The mouse helps you give an amazing gaming experience and is suited  best for first person shooter games. It also has consistent feedback system to avoid double tapping or double switching. The mouse has a sleek design which makes it more attractive. There are no drivers required in order to use it, you just plug it in and game non stop. 

4. BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse:

The BenQ FK1 ZOWIE Gaming mouse has two click buttons on the left side and right side. Both are comfortable to hold. The BenQ mouse comes with a 3310 best optical sensor which provides you accurate movement and ultimate responsivity. The ambidextrous various designs in this mouse which includes different shapes and sizes will aid you in finding your mouse, that is, which is best suited for you and in which you are  most comfortable with. This mouse is the best if you are into multiplayer and first person shooter games. This gives you an edge over other players and you can easily top the game. The mouse has a sleek and slender design which makes it all the more attractive. It has a variable speed of 500 to 1000Hz which you can change according to your needs. You don’t need any extra drivers to use this mouse. You just plug or connect it and enter the beautiful gaming world. 

5. BenQ ZOWIE S2 DIVINA Gaming mouse:

The BenQ DIVINA gaming mouse is also a unique one as this mouse comes in a calm blue colour, so, if you think black is not the colour for you, you can always go for this one. This mouse is fully equipped with the all new 3360 optical sensor. This gives you accurate movements. This helps you very much in first person shooter games as you have to keep aiming. The sensor also gives you better responsivity. You can change the responsivity level always in the settings. The grip of this mouse is really good but it does not hurt your palms while you are holding them for a long time. It gives consistent tactile feedback to avoid double tapping the mouse. This mouse comes in different sizes and shapes to best suit your comfort. The mouse has a sleek and slender design and is made so that you can hold it with one hand. The company gives you a year warranty period, in this time, if you face any technical problems, you can always redeem your warranty. 

6. BenQ ZOWIE ZA11 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse :

The BenQ Zowie ZA11 comes in a night black colour. It has an amazing design and gives you an accurate aiming. This is used very much in first person shooter games depend on accurate aiming. So, having this mouse will give you an edge over other players while playing an online multiplayer fps games. It won’t matter if you are right handed or left handed, this is an ambidextrous mouse, hence, you can use it comfortably. This mouse has the perfect size which allows your fingertips to hold and cover the mouse. The claw grip is very good and admirable. This mouse is best suited for games like call of duty, battlefield, etc. There are two buttons on the left side and right side which respond very quickly. The mouse comes with a 3360 optical sensor which gives you precise movements and better aiming. The mouse has the best size and shape as it is optimal for your gaming purposes. 


7. BenQ Zowie EC2-B Ergonomic Gaming Mouse:

The BenQ Zowie EC2-B gaming mouse is just as good as the mouse we talked about before. It comes in  a pitch black colour with the company logo printed at the bottom in bright red colour. The mouse consists of a high tech 3360 optical gaming sensor. This sensor helps you get achieve better and accurate movements. This will be of a lot of use when you are playing first person shooter games like far cry or call of duty. This sensor also takes the responsiveness of the mouse to a whole new level. The design of this mouse is very good as it is available in different variants of shapes and sizes. You can choose the one which suits you the most or which you are most comfortable with. This in turn maximises your gaming potential as you conquer the game. The mouse is very sleek and has tactile feedback elimination. This increases the sensitivity of the mouse. The company gives a three year warranty for this mouse, so if you find any problems with it, you can always redeem your warranty. 

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